Kingdom of Calsahara

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Kingdom of Calsahara
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
Motto: From nothing, something!
National Anthem: Calsahara, I Love You
Official language The King's English
Government Enlightened Monarchy
Founded 24 November 2009
Area 2.5 acres
Head of State His Majesty, King Montague I
National Assembly The Supreme Diet

The Kingdom of Calsahara was founded on 24 November 2009 on a barren tract of land a few miles south of the unincorporated community of California Valley, California. Calsahara's absolute ruler, King Montague, a seasoned micronationalist in his own right, has already established established friendly liaisons with the leaders of numerous countries including: Molossia and Vikesland.

King Montague

Prior to forming Calsahara, Montague was the founder of Westarctica, ruling as Grand Duke Travis for two years. Following his abdication of the Westarctica throne, he served the government of Molossia in various capacities, including appointments as Grand Admiral in the Molossian Navy, Governor of the New Antrim Protectorate, and Governor-General of Desert Homestead Province. In September 2010 he was awarded with the title of Knight Grand Commander in the Order of Flandrensis.


Calsahara calls itself an "Enlightened Monarchy," but in practice is just another absolute dictatorship. Despite creating three separate and unequal branches of government, the King completely controls the organs of state.

The three branches of government are:

  • The Imperial Court
  • The Imperial Council
  • The Chancellery


General Montague

In July 2001, Calsahara established its first military force, the Royal Corps of Engineers. The primary duty of the Corps is to defend against seasonal flooding which endangers the southern border of Calsahara. At the head of the Corps is Lieutenant General Montague, who is responsible for all military operations in the Kingdom. During the 2010 state visit to Vikesland, members of the Corps of Engineers participated in the Joint Micronational Training Exercise-2010 (JMTEX-10) with the Vikesland Security Force.

Although capable of combat operations, Calsaharan soldiers do not carry firearms.