Kingdom of Calsahara

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White strip on the left with a green and red bar.
Coat of arms containing shield, crown, held by lions
Coat of arms
Motto: From nothing, something!

Royal anthemViva La Calsahara!
Official languagesThe King's English
GovernmentEnlighted monarchy (de jure)
Absolute dictatorship (de facto)
• King and Dictator For life
Montague I of Calsahara
Independence from California
• Declaration of Independence
24 November 2009
• Dissolved
29 October 2017
• Total
0.47 km2 (0.18 sq mi)
• Estimate
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy;
Driving sideright
Calling code+1

The Kingdom of Calsahara is a dissolved micronation that was founded by Travis McHenry on 24 November 2009 on a barren tract of land a few miles south of the unincorporated community of California Valley, California. Calsahara has successfully established friendly liaisons with the leaders of numerous countries including Molossia, Vikesland and Austenasia. In 2017 Westarctica successfully invaded Calsahara, and Became a colony of Westarctica.

Dictator For Life

Prior to forming Calsahara, McHenry was the founder of Westarctica, ruling as Grand Duke Travis for five years. Following his abdication of the Westarctica throne, he served the government of Molossia in various capacities, including appointments as Grand Admiral in the Molossian Navy, Governor of the New Antrim Protectorate, and Governor-General of Desert Homestead Province. In September 2010 he was awarded with the title of Knight Grand Commander in the Order of Flandrensis.

In 2009, he learned that his mother-in-law was trustee of a three acre tract of barren wasteland in California's desolate Carrizo Plain. Upon visiting the plot of land, McHenry decided to turn it into a new country project and promptly raised the flag of Calsahara in the geographic center of the tract. He then formed a government consisting of family members, and proclaimed the land to be an independent nation when he announced Decree of the Realm 0, which formally established Calsahara. At the same time, he proclaimed himself to be King Montague (his chosen regnal name).

From 2009 - 2013, McHenry ruled Calsahara as a capable and dignified monarch. He maintained diplomatic relations with numerous countries, conducted state visits, and brought much prestige to Calsahara's reputation both in and out of the micronational community.

However, in June 2013, McHenry and his wife filed for divorce and this resulted in a crisis in the Calsahara government. The members of the Chancellery voiced their desire to have someone other than the disgraced monarch rule their land. After months of bickering and internal pressure, King Montague abdicated and passed the throne to his son, who was crowned as King Nicholas in 2014. In a power-sharing agreement, the executive power to govern was split between King Nicholas and the newly-created office of Dictator For Life. Naturally, McHenry was the only serious candidate for the office.


When it was founded, Calsahara was considered an "Enlightened Monarchy," but was in practice just another absolute dictatorship. Since the government upheaval in 2014 that resulted in the abdication of King Montague and the ascension of King Nicholas, the power in the central government is shared by the King and the Dictator For Life.

The two branches of government are:

  • The Executive Office
  • The Chancellery

The Executive Office is controlled entirely by King Nicholas and the Dictator for Life. According to Decree of the Realm XII, no instrument of government (including decrees, titles of nobility, and military appointments) is valid unless is bears the official seals of both the King and the Dictator.

The Chancellery consists of four individuals who are direct descendants of the original owner of Calsahara's property, Boots Brannon. They serve in an advisory capacity and have no real power in the government. They are led by the Grand Chancellor, who is also King Nicholas' mother and the ex-wife of the Dictator For Life. She serves as a liaison between the Chancellery and the Executive Office, advocating for them when necessary.


General Montague

In July 2011, Calsahara established its first military force, the Royal Corps of Engineers. The primary duty of the Corps is to defend against seasonal flooding which endangers the southern border of Calsahara. At the head of the Corps is the Dictator For Life, who is responsible for all military operations in Calsahara. During the 2010 state visit to Vikesland, members of the Corps of Engineers participated in the Joint Micronational Training Exercise-2010 (JMTEX-10) with the Vikesland Security Force. In 2011, they constructed the Otisburg Fire Pit, a small ring of rocks quarried from Calsahara.

Although capable of combat operations, Calsaharan soldiers do not carry firearms.