Kingdom of Calcon

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Kingdom of Calcon
Flag Calcont.png

Virginia, South Carolina
Capital cityCalcon Central
Largest cityCalcon Central
Official language(s)English, Calcontian, French
Official religion(s)Calconian religion, Christianity
Short nameCalcon
DemonymCalconian, Kalkoni
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- KingCaleb Lowman
EstablishedFebruary 13, 2015
Area claimed77.1 acres
CurrencyUS Dollar
Time zoneUTC -5(does not follow DST)
National dishNoodles
National drinkWater
National animalBear

Calcon is a nation mainly located in Virginia ruled by a king named Caleb Lowman. Calcon is pronounced as: /ˈkælkɑn/.


Connorlawn Empire

Calcon actually started as the Connorlawn Empire on February 13, 2015. On this day, two guys named Caleb and Connor founded a swamp. The swamp was wooded with thick grasses nearby and ice was there too. Both of them fell in the thin icy cover blanketing the waters. They both discussed many plans there and at the Luray Church of the Brethern. The capital then was going to be South Connorlawn, which was going to be near the swamp. The plans stated that there would be grain farms, small vegetable gardens, boating, log cabins, and the ski resort trans thing. Also, Caleb picked up some crayons: red, pink, green, and brown. Originally, green represents the agriculture and nature of the country. The pink stood for manliness, since the country had been established on that survivalist mood, especially for cooler regions of the world. Red, to be honest, did not had much of a meaning. However, now, the King founded out that the green and pink represent Ukraine and Poland respectively. Those two countries are the main ethnicites of the King of Calcon.


North Connor State

After a while, the Connorish forces went to a new area called North Connor State. This area has two creeks, a chestnut tree, a house, a big building, and nice woods. The Connorish people liked using fire and local materials to build settlements. The first Settlement was called Water Town, made around June 2015. The settlement was built in a creek, thus being washed away. Then, a new settlement called the Secret Corner was made. It had a tipi, fish farms, and even a man-made island. There was a deep pool, sheer rocky cliffs, and little vegetation. Caleb and Connor jumped off a stone/concrete bridge for fun one time. The big building was proclaimed as the town hall too. In this building, there was alcohol, couches, an old vehicle, and a TV. Near this building, King Caleb and his Assistant Leader ate crawfish on some benches near a tree. On the contrary, Caleb did not like the taste of crawfish. He thought there was dung in it. Also, they used RC cars and drove them around. They thought it would be good and cheap to carry goods around with them. The plan was to tape cardboard boxes near the RC cars.

1st Connorish Civil War and Disputes

Then, on January 15, 2016, the King had a birthday. Connor then came over to the party, hanging out with Caleb. After that, both went to the North Connor State for their meeting. Connor had received a plant growing kit which retained heat. There was carrots, tomatoes, and the typical gardening crops. As well, they stayed up basically all night except for a few hours. Then, the next day, there was a dispute. After seriously fighting with Nerf guns, Caleb was taken home. It seems now where the nation no longer controlled the territory. On December 20, 2016, new negotiations went to create a new name for the entity, which ended up being towards Calcont. During the negotiations, Caleb showed a map of new territories. After drinking some fizzy grape juice, they agreed to rename the country to Calcont. Calcont means Caleb, Connor, and JT. This did not work however.

The "Fall" and Rise

Then, on September 26, 2017, the King's nana passed away. The King of Calcont was confused and devastated of the news. However, this also means the Southern Woods State would technically be annexed into direct Federal rule. On October 7, 2017, Caleb Lowman wrote the Constitution of Calcon. Also, he proclaimed that metric system is the new measurement system, and claimed that there were only 2 claims Calcon may have full control over: the 100 Sands and King's Bedroom. The 100 Sands is a 100 square meter plot with wild cherries and slightly sandy soil due to annual seasonal runoffs. The King's Bedroom is where the King of Calcon researches, thinks, sleeps, lives, and so on. It is 13 square meters. On October 13, 2017, many things happened. The King finally decided to go back into the Western Woods after a long summer. King Caleb the 1st raked the land, exposing new ground. He wants to create farms for fun and production purposes. Also, he removed the two 100% Calcon areas because they were unneeded. Also, the King of Calcon has declared Calconian as a second official language of Calcont on October 14, 2017 at 4:24-27 PM. He also proclaimed the Pine Lake Territory, one of the possible places where the Calconian nation may be relocated. The acreage in which they might control is 41.3 acres. On November 14, 2017, Caleb Lowman called and did an invasion of the Western and Northwest Woods. It lasted from 5:50-6:19 PM, and gave him a psychological boost of happiness being there. The woods and cool air was enough to feel like what Calcon is. There might now be a chance sometime for the traditional industries to thrive, especially the wood. The wood was coming from weak and not as desirable trees, and will be used for fuel, building, and more. On December 6, 2017, Caleb Lowman peacefully met with his former Assistant President, Connor Irvin. It was basically decided that they were friends again. This could possibly lead to Calcon being what it used to be. On December 8, 2017, in Seacaucus, NJ, King Caleb wrote a possible new Constitution for Calcon. It has 7 main principles. The Constitution was finished by 10:03 PM.

First Williamsburg Explorations

From October 20-22,the King of Calcon announced to do an exploration of a marsh and forest near Williamsburg. For this to happen, they had to use the KOA camp nearby. On his ventures, he saw steep hills, curly holly bushes, and a generally stereotyped marsh. People always say that marshes are stinky and useless, and he agrees. The King suggests that atleast some of the flat land be converted over, based on what he saw. However, according to Caleb, most people on Earth refuse the truth atleast some of the time. At around 1:10 PM on October 21, 2017, Caleb looked at an area he named the West Marsh Valley. This valley has short grasses, wet ground, and a creek nearby. The creek was then named Sandy Creek, due to the noticeable amount of sand along it. The creek was also orange since there was algae or clay. The area could also be known as New Baltica, but the King of Calcont preferred the first name.

Williamsburg Debate

Also, the entire Royal Family may move to New Kent County from Luray in 2018. This is due to the poor quality of life around Page County. Even where they are located, Luray, it's still bad. Although New Kent County has not much eateries or shopping, Williamsburg is not too far away. In New Kent County, there are many beautiful new houses. However, King Caleb the 1st does like Page County too as a "valley farming area". New Kent County is also rural, with around 20,300 people in it. With the plan, the Kingdom of Calcont could have its own territory. One of those might be 14 acres of woods near Lanexa. The next day, the King's mother rejected the New Kent area due to isolation. Thus, Caleb was baffled and confused by this. He knew there was property somewhere in James City County, but it was just land. Also, he did some clearing and plowing. There is to be suggested to grow winter wheat from October to May, then corn the rest. The strategy would be to cultivate at least two crops annually. Caleb liked winter wheat due to proteins, planting times, and it being drought-tolerant.

Calconian Renaissance

Around March 2018, King Caleb started working on making Kalkoni, or Calconian, having an official translator and setup words. He wrote a paper talking about his former project in full Kalkoni which was "Colonies". On April 6, 2018, Caleb wrote two papers of laws, with 10 laws in total. These were Kalkoni Koŋbark 1001 and 1002. Things that are on the 1st one are: age of majority being 14, only man can have sexual affection for women, no corporate entities, and no sugary/highly processed foods and drinks, especially from America. The second one says to limit each lawpaper to 5 laws per page, no harmful drugs, two growing periods, requiring people that can grow crops to do so, and collecting snow for water. The two growing periods start from late April to May, and one from late August and September. The latter is mainly for greens, while the former is for grains and such. These were also in full Kalkoni. Also, this time period is know as the Kalkoni Renaissance, with art, laws, and literature came up in huge numbers. There are currently 3 pieces of art, one of them that looks like a European village. With that, there are around 17 works of wisdom. These papers talk about deeper thinking and how the world should be shaped. On April 18, 2018, Caleb Lowman created the Kalkoni Alphabet. He did this for his Kalkoni language(Calconian). It has 24 letters with 3 digraphs included.

Kalkon in script.png

The Great Exodus

Around March 30, 2018, it was declared that new property was purchased by the king's parents in Myrtle Beach, SC. However, this was in a very surburban environment, making it very difficult to establish farms and the overall nation. Also, the king started an intolerance of heat due to Europe not having much heat compared to around America. Then, he found a way to get around the emerging landscape by going through a path of woods to some marshes that look like a line. Around 24 days later, he just doesn't care for the area all to much. It just seems too busy and "metropolitan". It takes 10.56 miles on a straight line merely to get to school. Also, it is only the parents of the monarch most benefiting. Despite of the immense heat of 80-85 degrees F, Virginia has always felt like home. Around an hour away, King Caleb can get all his excellent organic and natural goods. He plans to get tofu and pumpkin seeds, which have a lot of protein per serving. The Shenandoah Valley has mountains, easy to get to places, and not too many people if you know where to go. He kinda likes it where he's at, but also thinking about going to Maine or some other cooler place. The king does not like anything 80 or above because this creates fatigue and heat cramps with good amount of exposure and activity. Anything 80 or above is counted into the heat index.


On May 26, 2018 at 8:10 AM, King Caleb invaded some nearby pine woods near Longs, SC. He saw that there was not much stone or wood around, but a few sticks. Most of the wood was going to decompose. The name of this new colony is Sappato. That means "sappy evergreen territory" in Kalkoni. Caleb plans on having sugarcane, tomatoes, winter wheat, some herbs, and even bananas. However, the ground is very sandy for the most part. On May 27th 2018, he finished his house with some thatches and sticks. He also collected some blackberries. The first streets and property lines were starting to be defined and planned. The next day, the monarch proposed sorghum since it would grow in the sand-loam soil. He even decided to use urine for those plants since it has potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. These three minerals are essential for plant growth.


The Central State has hills, forests, and trenches. Trees in the Central State of Calcon include: dogwood, white pine, wild cherry, and lots more. Limestone, clay, timber, and arable land are the natural resources. Sometimes, a temporary body of water goes through the gully. On May 2, 2017, the King of Calcon discovered a lake in the middle of a huge farm area. Calcon has 6 regions: Central, Western Woods, White Pine, Buffalo, Beaver Lake, Northwoods, and Wetsern Frontier. Western Woods is pretty much self-explanatory, but a gradual hill area, going downward to east. Beaver Lake was a separate geographic region until Spring/Summer 2017. It had a depression, thus the lake term. Buffalo was a historical region, not having too much difference from the Central and Western Woods region. Central has more sophisticated landscaping and a patio. Northwoods is a land with many low-quality trees, some are cedar. Western Frontier was one of the biggest regions, having acres of hay fields and forests. There is also cedar and 3 lakes in this region.


Calconian territories are known to be within the humid subtropical zone(Cfa). It can get as low as 22°F in January and 87°F in July. Snow occurs every 10 years or so within the kingdom. The monarch however thinks it is a humid continental, hot summer climate(Dfa).

Main States/Territories

  • Loobos Tovi - (oo is lengthened o in pronouciation), main capital state
  • Sudtak Tovi - southernmost state with clay, flat land, and 72 acres of woods and fields claimed
  • Ekkeh Tovi - has two creeks, historical state as North Connor State(Nurta Konnor Tovi), also known as Bachland
  • Aptak Matovi - near Longs, SC and is a flat, piney woods where corn is widely grown and a creek is 0.5 miles away



The currency is the United States Dollar. The total net reserves of money for Calcon government is around $1,500.