Kingdom of Arthur

Kingdom of Arthur
NEW ARTHUR.png FlagARTURS ARMS.png Coat of arms

"Hard work pays off"
Clarendon Hills, Illinois, United States
Capital cityCity of Regan
Largest cityCity of Regan
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)None at national level
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- KingThomas Arthur Lombardi
EstablishedAugust 1st 2014
Time zone(PST)
Observes daylight savings.


The Kingdom of Arthur is a micronation located in the United States of America. The micronation is composed of several territories, however collapsed after internal issues, but later came back into existence.


The Kingdom of Arthur arose as a rebellion against the Tsardom of New Elmhurst, due to a disagreement with the Tsar. The Kingdom was quick to associate with other right-wing nations. These nations, under the command of the Kingdom culminated into the Confederacy of Free Micronations. The Kingdom suffered a great decrease to its limited influence after it declared war on the Sorrenian Federation, which retaliated by urging other micronations to stay away from the Kingdom, due to "childishness and laughable behaviour".

The KoA and the Sorrenian Federation later ended hostilities, in the hope that the KoA would stop obsessing over the Federation, which it had done for several weeks. The two nations agreed to have no relations, and to not discuss the other's affairs - the KoA later broke this agreement, by discussing Sorrenia in several poorly written newspaper releases.

War with West Elmhurst and the United Kingdom of New Elmhurst

On the 14th of July, 2015, The Kingdom of Arthur Parliament declared "war" on the state of West Elmhurst. As well as a temporary "war" on The fascist state of the United Kingdom of New Arthur. The Kingdom did so out of a territoral dispute. In the micronational community, the declaration was ignored as childish and immature, and encouraged many states such as Zirconic to break all official ties to the Kingdom. A treaty between the three nations was later signed.

Treaty with West Elmhurst

The Aurthian West Elmhurst Treaty of 2015

The West Elmhurst Government agrees to become part of the Aurthian Common wealth. In doing this the West Elmhurst Government will have freedom to have its own legislator with Benjamin Norris being the permeant speaker, until his death or resignation. The Aurthian Military will peacefully leave the area. In exchange the West Elmhurst Government must deal with these threats on their own. Unless troops are absolutely needed/The Military tries to rebel against Arthur, the Kingdom of Arthur will not be involved with the military affairs of West Elmhurst. The People of West Elmhurst will not allow Eren Lewis to make claims to there land.


The Kingdom of Arthur was beset with issues from the beginning - the KoA never managed to receive micronational support due to their declarations of "war" which were frowned upon, and the nation was plagued with debates on the topic of gay marriage. The office of Prime Minister regularly changed hands, with the nation having 3 Prime Ministers in less than a month. This left the KoA very weak, which allowed anti-monarchy dissidents to end the micronation by taking over the Facebook page - they declared a totalitarian communist state, however the new nation only existed for a week, and was condemned by most of the micronational community. The KoA did not recover from this, and become incredibly inactive.

However, the government Facebook page later began posting again, suggesting to outsiders that the nation had revitalized itself.

Political Parties

Party Name Emblem Leader Position Members: Population Seats in Parliament
Social Democratic Party   Nicholas Strausbagh Left
2 / 19
2 / 22
New Democratic Party   Andrew Janiszewki Left-of-centre
3 / 19
14 / 22
Papal Judachie Party   Quinn Johnson Right
1 / 19
1 / 22
Dragon Party   Michael Brinkley Right
3 / 19
0 / 22
Grand Old Party   Michael Thomas Brazeau Right
1 / 19
0 / 22
Independents   N/A Varies
9 / 19
7 / 22