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Kingdom of Andolfatía

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Kingdom of Andolsfatia Reino de Andolfatía
Regno du Andofatia

          Nación Constituyente de Natú          

Bandera del Reino de Andolfatía.pngEscudo de andolf3.jpg


Capital city Andolfa
Official language(s) Español, Krakochano, Italiano
Demonym Andolfato/a
Government Kingdom Autonomo (Tratado de Escudos)
- Kihg Eleazar de Andolfatía
- Governor General Alexnader Sarseño
Legislature Parliament of Andolfatia
Established 2012
Area claimed 400 km
Population 16
Currency Corona Natunesa

Kingdom of Andolfatia in spanish Reino de Andolfatía, is one of the kingdoms that make up the Imperio de Natú,was founded in 2012, by Eleazar de Andolfatía,its current King, for three months remained independent. During the Guerra Civil de Natú fought to side Imperio de Natú, discover of the Republic of Krakozhia, a region that had declared independent.

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