Kingdom of Alenshka

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Kingdom of Alenshka
Königreich von Alenshka
Royaume d'alenshka

Coat of arms of Alenshka.png
Coat of arms

Deus salve!
Latin: God reigns!
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Milton, United States
Capital cityPleston and Alexton
Official language(s)English
GovernmentConstitutional and Absolute monarchy
- MonarchNewton
- Prime MinisterAllen Paul
- Deputy Prime MinisterAnna Paul
Established6 June 2014
Area claimed0.6km²
Time zoneUTC-07:00 and 06:00 - (USA)
This nation is a federal state in the Abeldane Empire.

The Kingdom of Alenshka, simply known as Alenshka, is a federal state in the Abeldane Empire. It is an absolute and constitutional monarchy, with Newton I being the King of Alenshka since 16 June 2018. Alenshka was formerly a sovereign and independent micronation from its foundation on 6 June 2014 until 30 June 2016, when it joined Abelden to become a federal state.

Besides being a federal state, Alenshka is the seat of the Abeldane Monarchy and also the seat of the two capitals of the Empire: Pleston and Alexton. The King of Alenshka is simultaneously Emperor of the Abeldane Empire because of Alenshka's role as the seat of the Monarchy. With a population of 20, it is currently the most populous Abeldane federal state. It currently seats most of the important bodies that make up the Empire and is the most influential federal state, being a major decision-maker on the way the Empire proceeds.


The word 'Alenshka' comes from the name Alexei, which is a Russian name. Emperor Stephen picked the name from a list of names he created that would be close to the word Alexei and therefore was picked.


Alenhska was established on the 6 June 2014, with Alenshka establishing a personal union with Abelden. Stephen I & II was simultaneously King of Alenshka and therefore remained so presently. Alenshka was a founding member of the Abeldane Commonwealth, which was established after the personal union was dissolved and an Act of the Parliament was enacted. Stephen remained King and planned to disestablish Alenshka, but did not continue.

On the 6 June 2014, Donald West was appointed as Prime Minister of Alenshka by King Stephen. He was succeeded by Ned Greiner on the 31 September 2015, but resigned on the 5 October 2015 which left the position vacant until the appointment of Patrick Renwick. The Baron Figglebert was appointed as Prime Minister by the King on the 17 January 2016 and remained so until the appointment of Allen Paul, Earl of Eastlands on the 30 June 2016, which meant the end of Alenshkan sovereignty and independency.

Throughout of its existence as an independent and sovereign state, Alenshka joined several micronational organisation like the Micronational Cooperation Group and the Abeldane Commonwealth. It established close relations with micronations like Ruthenia, Nedland and Paravia.

On the 30 June 2016, a referendum was held in Alenshka that questioned whether should Alenshka join Abelden as a federal state or remain the same. Majority of the voters voted in favor of joining and therefore joined Abelden on the 30 June 2016. Its government remained the same, but with some powers now delegated to the Imperial Government of Abelden. The Reichsversammlung became Alenshka's official parliament; but was already the parliament de facto since the founding of the nation.


After a major administrative reorganization, Alenshka is now divided into three cantons, with each canton being divided into cities. Previously, Alenshka was divided mainly into 5 administrative regions based on their locations which was also in turn divided into cities. Each canton is governed by a Governor who is responsible for governing the canton and its affairs. Currently, there are sixteen cities in Alenshka and each city is administered by a mayor.

Cantons of the Kingdom of Alenshka
Flag Coat of arms Canton Canton
Capital Population Area (km2) Governor
Flag of Pleston-Eidgenossenberg.png Coat of arms of Pleston-Eidgenossenberg.png
Canton of
EGN Pleston
16.3 km2
Allen Paul, Baron Paul
Flag of Alexton-Warvoster.png Coat of arms of Alexton-Warvoster.png
Canton of
WRV Alexton
0 km2
HI&RH Prince Donald, Duke of Pleston
Flag of Preuvenieven.png Coat of arms of Preuvenieven.png
Canton of
PRN Fortentuara
0.01 km2
HI&REM Emperor Stephen


Alenshka is governed under a constitutional and absolute monarchy, with the King of Alenshka being mostly responsible for the decisions within the Kingdom and serves as the head of state. The Prime Minister is the head of government and is responsible for advising the King in matters of the state alongside the Cabinet and the Deputy Prime Minister.

The Reichsversammlung serves as Alenshka's legislature since its establishment and currently holds the most seats than any other represented state in the Reichsversammlung. There have been calls to establish a state legislature for Alenshka following the enactment of State Legislatures Act and a proposal for a state legislature was proposed but has fallen.