Kingdom Of Atherton

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Member of Global Micronational League


Members Of Parliament

The Parliament of Atherton consists of 6 members. 5 elected officials and the King, who is an honorary member. The King may advise the parliament but cannot make decisions. The 5 elected officials are: Lord Matt, of Hindsford [LDP]. Lord Super, of Howe Bridge [ASP]. [-----], Of Hag Fold [RMP]. [----] And [------], Of City Center [RRP]


Government approved parties

LDP - Liberal Democratic Party Of Atherton

RMP - Royal Monarchist Party Of Atherton

ASP - Atherton Socialist Party

CPA - Conservative Party Of Atherton

TCP - The Capitalist Party

CCP - Central Communist Party

RWU - Royal Worker’s Union

PAP - Pacifist Atherton Party

DHBP - Democratic Howe Bridge Party

EDP - Eco Defence Party

RRM - Royal Restoration Movement

PCG - People’s Civil Group

EAM - Earth Action Movement

MCP - Militarist Centeralist Party


Act Of Independence 2021

'The Kingdom Of Atherton is a self-governing body from now on. They shall be independent from British laws and British control. They are to have their own King. Their own Royal Family and their own Parliament. Her military is to be used for defence, and shall only fight in the defence of liberty and freedom.'


War On Ostanland

The parliament voted on the war with Ostaland, the results were:

People Yes No Not Sure
PM Matt x
DMP Super x
King George x
[----] x
[----] x
[-----] x

War was declared. Only half the parliament was present during the vote. The war is ongoing.

War on East Germany

Parliament unanimously agreed on the war. War is ongoing. Troops are supporting Molossia in their war on the island.

Flag of the Kingdom Of Atherton


Discord -

Website - [TEMPORARY]

Twitter - Kingdom Of Atherton [@micro_atherton]


Current departments:


Air Force

Armed forces have not yet lost a single soldier. They have also not seen combat yet, however may be deployed during the Ostanland - Atherton war.