Kingdom Of Archususania

Archususania is a kingdom in Burlington, Kentucky. It is a country ruled by King Dakota Gayhart (born 18 Febuary 2014).

The capital city is Tuckysburg, which is in the center of Archususania known as the Rossolini Bjorno Circle. The currency is the Westmann. It is trying to annex Atlantium because it is really bad to unite all countries into 1. A ceased to exist state with the territory of Archususania existed through 7 December 2020 - 8 or 9 December 2020. It was known as the Archania Empire. (ruled by the same person who rules Archususania.)

The demonym is Archususanian (plural: Archanians, adjective: Archu).

War with Vishwamitra

On the night of 27 Dec 2020, The king of Ranil and 4 others declared war on the State of Vishwamitra after an ending of the alliance. So far this is still going under the rule of Christmas Jouke as the new military dictator. The war got put off effect on the last day of 2020 but it got back into effect by the morning of the first day in 2021.

Ethnic groups

About 99% of all Archanians are American, .1% are Chinese as Doge stuffy is a Chinese American. Elijah the penguin is a Chinese American too. 1 is a Russian American.