King Luke of Wellmoore

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His Majesty King Luke of Wellmoore AECV CLa is the King of Wellmoore and Acting Minister of Defence in the Kingdom of Wellmoore. He's also a military officer, leading the New Polynesian Air Force, and a Noble.

King Luke is the longest reigning King of Wellmoore and Head of the House of Wellmoore.

His Majesty King Luke of Wellmoore
King of Wellmoore

King of Wellmoore Kingdom of Wellmoore
National Reign 14th of March 2020 - Present Day
Coronation 14th of March 2020
Predecessor Office Established
Successor No Successor
Regent No Regent
Baron of Rilusia
Reign 27th of March 2021 - 18th of May 2021
Predecessor Office Established
Successor None, Office Closed
1st Viscount Lincasher Novus Hierosolymis
Reign 30th of May 2021 - Present Day
Predecessor Office Established
Successor None
Era name and dates
Lukean Area: 14th of March 2020 - Present Day
Royal Household House of Wellmoore
Born England
Occupation King of Wellmoore
Religion None (Atheist)
King Luke of Wellmoore
Wellmoorean Acting Minister of Defence
Assumed office:
10th of May 2021
Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Lord Axel MP
Novus Hierosolymis Minister of Defence
Assumed office:
10th of May 2021
King Jayden I
Liberal-Democrats Party Leader
In office:
7th of April 2021 - 30th of May 2021
King Jayden I
His Majesty's Privy Council
Assumed office:
19th of April 2021
King Jayden I
Ambassador to the UK & Northern Ireland
Assumed office:
18th of May 2021
King Jaden I
Secretary General of the Global Progressive Association
Assumed office:
2nd of June 2021
Personal information
CountryNew Polynesia
Service branchNew Polynesian Air Force
RankFive Star
NATO rankO10
Non-NATO rankO10
Rank groupAir Officer
Next higher rankNone
Next lower rankCaptain General
CountryThe Kingdom of Revalia
Service branchRoyal Revalian Air Force
NATO rankO1
Non-NATO rankO2
Rank groupCommissioned Officer
Next higher rankUnsure
Next lower rankSergeant

Micronational Life/Career

Micronational Beginnings

Luke discovered micronationalism at the end of February 2020 and was inspired to start his own nation which is known as The Kingdom of Wellmoore. He has become increasingly knowledgeable about things such as politics thanks to his micronational career.

Micronational Career

King of Wellmoore

Luke founded the Kingdom of Wellmoore on the 14th of March 2020 and sat as King, a position in which he still holds today. Majority of modern progress and culture within Wellmoore can be accredited to Luke and Lord Axel, the first Prime Minister of Wellmoore.

Micronational Military Service

King Luke is the Commander-in-Chief of The Armed Forces of Wellmoore holding the ranks of Field Marshal, Captain General, Marshal of the RWAF and Admiral of the Fleet.

Chief of the Air Staff, New Polynesia

Since the 10th of February 2021, King Luke has been serving as a Founder and the First Chief of the Air Staff of the New Polynesian Air Force, holding the rank of General.

Royal Revalian Air Force

King Luke is an Intelligence Officer in the Royal Revalian Air Force, initially joining as a Sergeant and currently holding the rank of Lieutenant. He's held the position since the 30th of May 2021.

Alliance Leader

Global Progressive Association

King Luke is the Co-Founder and Secretary General of The Global Progressive Association, and has held this position since the 2nd of July 2021.

Progressive Association

King Luke has been a Chairman in the Progressive Association since the 21st of August 2021.

Titles, Styles, Honours and Arms

Titles and Styles

Since 14th of March 2020 - His Majesty The King of Wellmoore

Since 30th of May 2021 - His Excellency, The Right Honourable Viscount Lincasher

27th of March - 18th of May 2021 - The Right Honourable Baron of Rilusia

Foreign Honours

Country Date Appointment Ribbon Post Nominal Letters
Flag of Novus Hierosolymis.pngNovus Hierosolymis 27th of March 2021 Stranger Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Belt of Truth Order of the Belt of Truth - ribbon.svg AECV
Flag of Novus Hierosolymis.pngNovus Hierosolymis 18th of May 2021 Commander of the Most Exalted Order of the Lamb RibbonBar-Commander-OrderOfTheLamb.svg CLa

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