King Liam

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Liam Clark was the only king in The Kingdom of Titan, His reign over The Kingdom of Titan was between December the 6th 2020 to August the 14th 2021.

Liam Clark
Drawing of King Liam
dictator of the People's Republic of Titan
Assumed office
6th of December 2020
Predecessor Office Established
Successor Office Closed (14th of December 2020)
King of the Kingdom of Titan
Assumed office
14th of December
Predecessor Office Established
Personal information
Born 1/7/2007
Citizenship The Kingdom of Titan and Australia
Nationality Australia
Occupation King of the Kingdom of Titan
Cabinet King
Committees MCA and The Global Projective Association
Religion None
Military service
Allegiance Kingdom of Titan
Unit RTF squad alpha
Battles/wars 2nd Insurgency War (Kingdom of Titan)