Kelsey Brown, 1st Duchess of Eztia

Kelsey Brown, Duchess of Eztia (born 15 July 2006) is a Winterspell noble and politician. She has served seven terms in the Winterspell Parliament.

Kelsey Brown
Duchess of Eztia
Reign 5 October 2021 - Present
Predecessor Herself as Countess
Heir Apparent None
Countess of Eztia
Reign 3 March 2021 - 5 October 2021
Predecessor Title Created
Mayor of Freshwater City
Term 10 March 2021 - Present
Predecessor Office Established
Born 15 July 2006 (2006-07-15) (age 15)
South Jordan, UT, USA

Early Life and Education

Kelsey was born on 15 July 2006 as the youngest of four children.

Titles and honours


Kingdom of Winterspell

Styles of
Kelsey Brown
Reference styleHer Grace
Spoken styleYour Grace
Alternative styleMa'am
  •   Duchess of Eztia, 5 October 2021


  •   Countess of Eztia, 3 March 2021 - 5 October 2021



Personal Coat of Arms