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State of Kebec

Flag of Kebec.png

Improve. Protect. Evolve.
Capital of Kebec.png
The Capital Area of Kebec
Capital cityCaniapiscau Reservoir, Peninsula and Islands
Official language(s)Joual (Kebecean French), English, Native, others
DemonymKebecean (English), Kebecois (French)
- PresidentTaninim Long
LegislatureDemocratic Republic
Established9 July 2017
Area claimed>4,318 km^2
CurrencyEthereum (online)
Time zoneUTC
National animalMonarch Butterfly

Government Website

The State of Kebec, formerly known as Alaurentia, is a micronation founded on the 9th of July 2017, and based in the peninsula of Quebec. It exists as a community of people that share three main goals - ecological preservation, resolution of social issues, and self-sufficiency. Though the majority of the community is located on the Laurentian bioregion, Kebec accepts members from all around the world. Citizenship is completed by registering an account on the Official Forum.


The nation's name, "Kebec", is the original Algonquin word for "strait", which was later deformed to "Quebec" by the French colonists. In honour to the Native American community, the nation adopted the name of Kebec, in its original, non-latinized spelling.