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A Kaznian Name (rarely known as a Cheslovian Name) is a name that a Cheslovian citizen is given upon joining Cheslovia. The names originate from Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Baltic, Eastern European, Balkan and Central European names and some German, but the some of the names have been altered slightly to suit Cheslovian culture, for example, the name Ivan becomes Aivan.

Izkarian names

Izkarian names have been derived from Kaznian names, a list of Izkarian names was given to the Cheslovian government showing unique Izkarian names:

  • Ikhraan
  • Skugom
  • Korok (possibly derived from Kuruk, a Cheslovian insult)
  • Mokhrod
  • Sayvstye
  • Kerelan
  • Bokhaytye

Notes on pronunciation

Some people find it difficult to pronounce Kaznian and Izkarian names (collectively known as Baltian names). Here are some examples on how to pronounce names:

  • Kh - Never pronounced as "c", "k" or "q". Instead, it sounds like a German "ch" or the "ch" in Scottish Loch, or more precisely a Russian "х".
  • Ai - Pronounced like igh in high
  • Ei/Ay - Hey, may, way (exception of the Izkarian name "Bokhaytye", this is pronounced "Bokhaitye").
  • Aa - car
  • Ii - need, bleed
  • Uu - This is usually one of the hardest to pronounce for foreigners, sometimes it sounds like the "er" in her or the "ur" in slur. But can also sound like a longer version of the "u" in up
  • Zh - Pronounced like a voiced "sh", sounds like a French "j" or the "s" in pleasure.