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Kaz Studios is a multimedia entertainment company that serves as the primary creator and distributor of films, cartoons, and music in the micronation of Kaz. In 2020 Kaz Studios became the biggest film company in the micronational world.

Kaz Studios
Kaz Studios Logo.jpg

industry = Entertainment

headquarters = The City of Kaz, Kaz

founders = The KAZ trio

established = March 20th, 2018

website = Kaz Studios Home


Kaz Studios was founded to serve the entertainment needs of the growing micronation of Kaz.

The First Films

Kaz Studios was official founded on March 20th 2018, however, films distributed by a company named KAZ Stop Motion Pictures were released as far back as September 30th 2016. the first film released by this company was called The Adventures of Dog Poop staring a character called Dog Poop. However, after only 3 films Kaz Stop Motion Pictures went out of business. Kaz Studios has since taken on the responsibility of preserving, restoring, and archiving these so-called "Legacy Films".

Films produced by Kaz Stop Motion Pictures

The Adventure of Dog Poop #1

The Adventures of Dog Poop #2

Apple Consumed (In Dignity)

Films produced by Kaz Studios

Peter and Leonard Film Series

Another Series of Unfortunate Events

Cat of the Baskervilles

Bad Monk

Peter and Leonard Drawn to Danger

Peter and Leonard Films

Kaz Studios opened its film making career with an unforgettable black and white picture entitled "The Mysterious Murder of Edward Smith". This film follows two detectives in their quest to solve a murder. A quarter way through the film, the characters greet each other, thus introducing the audience to Peter and Leonard. In a later film, it is revealed that their full names are Peter Peterson and Leonard Leonardstein. The first film was a smash hit, and the studio went on to produce a current total of 11 films, divided into two series. All of season 1 of Peter and Leonard are at KazFlix

Peter and leonard.png

Peter and Leonard in the Case of the Missing Pizza

Minor/Stand Alone Films

Some films are not part of a larger series. Kaz studios also produce such one off's that are often satires.

Another Series of Unfortunate Events

While Peter and Leonard steal the stage as the most popular film series at Kaz Studios, the short series, which is almost as funny, is Another Series of Unfortunate Events, a spoof of the popular A Series of Unfortunate Events, centered around the cultural obsession with Fortnite. Three films have been produced. However because of the fame, and thus priority placed on the Peter and Leonard films, it is most likely that this series will end now that the third film is released.

Bad Monk

Bad Monk is a one-off original movie about a technology-loving rebellious monk. This film was produced by CKAZ - a color film subset of Kaz Studios

The Cat of the Baskervilles

Capitalizing off the success of the murder mystery themed Peter and Leonard film, this was the second ever produced film by Kaz Studios. A satire of the Sherlock Holmes "The Hounds of Baskerville", this film received little attention, and none of its characters were seen again in following films. In recent years though, it has developed a cult following.

TV Series


Kittens is a mockumentary style tv series about a lovable group of misfits competing in a cat show. Only one episode has been released so far.


FNL, or Friday Night Live, is a sketch comedy show that is recorded live on Friday nights, a sacred night in Kaz. Much like SNL, this show features an ensemble cast in various short skits.


The only music associated with Kaz Studios is the band The Waterbugs. They have produced 2 albums. Note: The previous name was Look


The Kazamation Studios opened on the 21st of February 2020, with a 20-second long film starring a character named "Jerald the Giraffe". The Jerald series was very popular, and 7 more Jeralds have been produced with one more in the making. Kazamation has also released a film starring Twinkle, a new character.


# Series Title Release Date
1 Peter and Leonard The Mysterious Murder of Edward Smith 20 March 2018
2 Stand Alone The Cat of the Baskervilles 23 March 2018
3 Peter and Leonard Girl Friend Mix-Up 17 August 2018
4 Peter and Leonard All of the Romanovs? 7 September 2018
5 Peter and Leonard The Mysterious Maiden in Black 23 September 2018
6 Another Series of Unfortunate Events Part 1 28 September 2018
7 Peter and Leonard The Case of the Missing Pizza 26 October 2018
8 Peter and Leonard Peter and Leonard in King Aurthur's Court 19 January 2019
9 Peter and Leonard Peter and Leonard in the other universe 25 January 2019
10 Peter and Leonard A fine Trip 18 February 2019
11 Another Series of Unfortunate Events Part 2 22 February 2019
12 Kittens Episode 1 30 March 2019
13 FNL Episode 1 30 March 2019
14 CKaz Bad Monk 5 April 2019
15 Peter and Leonard Peter and Leonard in the city of the Damned 10 May 2019
16 Peter and Leonard The Waterbugs 30 September 2019
17 Peter and Leonard Its not Tea Time 4 October 2019
18 The Water Bugs The Swimmin' Waterbugs 6 December 2019
19 Jerald the Giraffe You Better Bee-have 21 February 2020
20 Jerald the Giraffe Getting Ice Cream Aint Sweet 27 February 2020
21 Jerald the Giraffe Make A Wish 5 March 2020
22 Jerald the Giraffe Blind Date 19 March 2020
23 Jerald the Giraffe Up North 10 April 2020
24 Twinkle the Cat IVs Special 25 April 2020
25 Another Series of Unfortunate Events Part 3 28 April 2020
26 Jerald the Giraffe Miners Dream 5 May 2020
27 Jerald the Giraffe In the Dip 25 May 2020
28 Peter and Leonard/Jerald the Giraffe Peter and Leonard Drawn to Danger 18 June 2020
29 Never B Forgotten Before Jerald 17 July 2020
30 Jerald the Giraffe No Tip 3 September 2020
31 Jerald the Giraffe Christmas Special 25 December 2020
32 Jerald the Giraffe Jerald for President 15 January 2021
33 Jerald the Giraffe Happy Birthday Jerald 21 February 2021
34 Never B Forgotten 1 Year of Jerald Documentary 21 February 2021
35 Stand Alone Mr Music 12 August 2021