Kareem Risha

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Kareem Risha
Governor-general of Rishania
In office
13 January 2019 – 20 August 2020
MonarchCameron I
Preceded byOffice established
Chief of General Staff of Ikonia
Assumed office
13 January 2019
MonarchCameron I
Preceded byOffice established
Personal details
Born6 August 2005 (2005-08-06) (age 15)
Cairo, Egypt Flag of Egypt.svg
CitizenshipIkonian, American, Egyptian
Political partyMonarchist Party of Ikonia

Junker Kareem Risha (born August 6, 2005) is an Ikonian citizen and Chief of General Staff of the His Majesty's Army.


Risha first met HM Cameron I in 6th grade at school, when neither knew about micronationalism.

They kept contacts ever since, and on 12 January 2019, Cameron I proposed Risha become High Commissioner of a Mandate for Ikonia, but previously was going to be a micronation in of it self.

Titles, styles, orders, and arms

Titles and styles

August 6, 2005 - 10 January 2019
Kareem Risha
10 January 2019
High Commissioner of Rishania Kareem Risha
12 October 2019

Junker Kareem Risha ORR OE OV

Service ribbons, orders, and decorations