Kadelieort IV

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The Kadelieort
Parliament of Posaf
Kadelieort IV
Higher LordNicholas Randouler, CP
since September 16th, 2019
House of Lords political groupsHRH Lords Government (3):
House of Commons political groupsHRH Government (5):

Confidence and supply (1):

HRH Opposition (4)

MP Party State/Province Sector
Nicholas Randouler (HL) CP Squamily Squamily
Henry Edwelo LP Asiata Foreign
Jenna MacRonn NDP Squamily Squamily

House of Commons

MP Party State/Province Sector
Tomáš Falešník N Nievenorte Foreign
Gracie Konn N Squamily Squamily
Nour Shamon L Squamily Squamily
Austin Jaax L Squamily Squamily
Courtney Annalou C Squamily Squamily
Rose Danen C Squamily Squamily
Andy Irons C West Posaf United
Nick Fisher C Essex United
Nathan Michaeve C Squamily Squamily
Parker O'Leary B Squamily Squamily