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Կլիտ Րտխ
Klie Reh

Emblem of Verdism.svg
Pentagram is the main symbol of cult

Type Polytheistic philosophy
Key tenets Partial creationism, spiritualism, shamanism
Main deity Verd
Main religious book Shaga
Founder Garsilig Ralistagalucɩ
Amount of believers 1
Official status  Vladislavia

Verdism (Verd'landian: Verdizm) — is generalized name of the native Verd'landian religion originally called the "Klie Reh" (Keleic: "The Right Way"), "Klireg" or "Kliregul".

This cult is legitimized in Vladislavia as the national one. However, it is badly prepared for functioning in real life because it was created as service object of fictional Verd'landian universe without accounting of the possibility of its real existence.

Among the features of this religion are: admission of all gods existence, negation of their exceptional power and the absence of spiritual explanations of universe creation. Sometimes it can be considered as religious philosophy (as, for example, Buddhism).

By some opinion, it exists to provide a patronage for Verd'landian agnostics and can be described as non-comical analogue of Pastafarianism.


Kliregul was invented by Vladislav Chokin as the service cult for fictional Verd'landian universe, and its purpose was to provide a religious explanation of the creation of Verd'land and be the main religion for Verd'landians. A belief's description of the most agnostic ones is sometimes a parody on the "non-religious" part of Ukrainians (including some Chokin's relatives) who state about their "unusual" spiritual feels but using orthodoxal definitions and respecting the same traditions.

Since cult's basics were described, Chokin decided to formally convert into verdist due to congruence of cult with his own beliefs. Later, he made Verdism an official religion of his micronation.



A pentagram is the main symbol of Verdism, and it is commonly identify Verd'landians regardless to their beliefs. By Shaga, it has common definition: describes the 5 elements - spirit, water, fire, ground and air.


"Shaga" is the main book of cult. It describes circumstances of civilization's creation, historical events, relationships of Verd with other gods and some abstract texts about generalized life of Verd'landians. These texts are written in poetic form, however without the rhymes.


Usually, all ceremonies require to recite a set of phrases, and they should be said in Verd'landian only — by some opinions, Verd doesn't appreciate speaking in different languages, despite is able to understand every possible talk.


Conversion into Verdism is sufficiently simple and consists of the appeal to Verd — person testifies about renunciation of his/her old beliefs and asks Verd to take care about him/her.

In namul durỹn, ẽhɩ dorescɩ tu annarẽ minỹɩ feregiht tu dumnẽzɩat lumurilor.
In du, Verdẽ, ẽhɩ dorescɩ tu kẽucɩ an garar und salɩvaruar.
Zu, zegecɩ du din timpul fie virẽlecɩ minẽ in zivgarɩ und niɩt, bukur und kazatur, livɩ und moartuar.
Nordalask forɩ sẽ!

(In (glory of) your name, I want to reject my loyalty to gods of world.
In you, Verd, I wish to find a protection and salvation.
So, ask you from this time to help me in day and night, happiness and trouble, life and death.
Thank you for this!)