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Կլիտ Րտխ
Klie Reh

Emblem of Verdism.svg
Pentagram is the main symbol of cult

Type Polytheistic philosophy
Main deity Verd
Main religious book Shaga
Founder Sarganɩ Ralistagalucɩ
Amount of believers 1
Official status  Vladislavia

Verdism (Verd'landian: Verdizm) — is generalized name of the native Verd'landian religion originally called the "Klie Reh", "Klireg" or "Kliregul".

This cult is legitimized in Vladislavia as the national one. However, it is badly prepared for functioning in real life because it was created as service object of fictional Verd'landian universe without accounting of the possibility of its real existence.

Among the features of this religion are: admission of all gods existence, negation of their exceptional power and the absence of spiritual explanations of universe creation.