Juclandian general election, 2020

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Juclandian presidential election, 2020

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  AdamB.jpg OviaB.jpg
Candidate Adam Banici Ovia Bogi
Party Grey Area Popular Unity
Popular vote 195 187

President before election

Ovia Bogi
Popular Unity

Elected President

Adam Banici
Grey Area

General elections for all 9 seats of the Council of State, including the members of the Presidency of Juclandia, were held in Juclandia from 17 to 22 August 2020. Adam Banici ended up on the first place, replacing Ovia Bogi as President of Juclandia.


e • d Summary of the 5 August 2018 Juclandian presidential election results
Candidate Party Votes Perc.
Adam Banici Grey Area 195
Ovia Bogi Popular Unity Group 187
Iepure Novac Popular Unity Group 101
Tomi Jucărescu Popular Unity Group 91
Aurel Ghețiu United Revolutionary Front 88
Kusch Niedlich Grey Area 72
Fram Jucărescu United Revolutionary Front 68
Pisica Democrescu United Revolutionary Front 65
Bartholomeos Pravoslavnici Harmony - The Moderate Group 63
Unelected candidates
United Revolutionary Front
Anca Avici Harmony - The Moderate Group 46
Ursache Libereanu Harmony - The Moderate Group 45
Rico Sima Harmony - The Moderate Group 44
Grohi Smieșan Harmony - The Moderate Group 42
United Revolutionary Front 39
United Revolutionary Front 38
United Revolutionary Front 32
United Revolutionary Front 31
Zydrunas Skaicius Popular Unity Group 29
Verdel Varaszlo Popular Unity Group 21
Miaunel Comuneanu Popular Unity Group 18
Spiridon Bogi Popular Unity Group 17
Aslan Gucilu Popular Unity Group 16
Tavi Dzaglishvili Grey Area 6
Mihaela Pisiceanu Grey Area 3
Alikis Prasinos Grey Area 3
Source: Central Electoral Committee


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