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Juclandian avo
Lei2013 100L.png
Pegged to1 ₳ = 0.10 €
Symbol‎₳ or A/-
Central bankBank of Juclandia

The avo (ISO 4217 code JCA) is the national currency of Juclandia. It was introduced on the 1st of July 2018, replacing the leu. The avo is a fully digital currency, and the Bank of Juclandia no longer issues banknotes and coins. It is the preferred currency of use in the region of Jucăreni, while in Lenia the Romanian leu is more widespread. However, the Juclandian government no longer recognises the Romanian leu as legal tender, and all transactions in hard currency are now done using the euro.

The leu ([lew], plural lei [lej]; ISO 4217 code JCL) was the currency of Juclandia from 2006 to 2018. It had been subdivided into 20 bani (singular ban) before the subdivision was abolished in June 2014. The leu was originally introduced in 2006 as the SSDR leu, but its use became widespread after independence, in 2008.



December 2006 series


In 2006, when the leu was officially introduced, Juclandia lacked a printing plant so it was impossible for the government to get a proper series of currency. In response, the Ministry of Finance declared that Monopoly money would be used as legal tender with a special stamp on them, on which is was written "LEI SSDR" (SSDR leu, SSDR coming from the "Socialist Democratic State of Romania", the official name of Juclandia at that time).

March 2011 series

Image 1 leu.png 3 lei.png 5 lei.png 10 lei.png
Note 1 J£ 3 J£ 5 J£ 10 J£
Size 110 x 50 millimeters
Colour Yellow and brown Blue and brown Brown and beige Dark red
Description Printing stopped in December 2011; removed from circulation Printing stopped in December 2012
Image 25 lei.png 50 lei.png 100 lei.png
Note 25 J£ 50 J£ 100 J£
Size 110 x 50 millimeters
Colour Dark green and brown Green Blue
Description Printing stopped in September–December 2012
Portrait of Tudor Vladimirescu Portrait of Alexandru Ioan Cuza Portrait of Nicolae Bălcescu

September 2011 Series

Image Value Dimensions Main colour Description
150px 5 J£ 11 x 5 cm Black and Pink -

December 2012 Series

Image Value Dimensions Main colour Description
Lei2013 5L.png 5 J£ 8 x 3.5 cm Grey Orthodox theme
Lei2013 10L.png 10 J£ 9.5 x 4 cm Burgundy red Timișoara Orthodox Cathedral; downtown of the same city
Lei2013 25L.png 25 J£ 10 x 4.5 cm Golden Moscow Red Square
Lei2013 50L.png 50 J£ 11 x 5 cm Green Plaza de la Revolución, Havana, Cuba
Lei2013 100L.png 100 J£ 12 x 5.5 cm Blue Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest, Romania

Exchange rate

As of July 2012, the Juclandian Leu is fully convertible with other currencies. The adoption of the 5 J£/1 RON rate has paved the way to a considerable amount of foreign reserves, thus the Leu becoming freely convertible at any time anywhere.

Preceded by: Currency of Juclandia Succeded by: Royal Coat of Arms of Juclandia.png
Juclandian JucEuro 2006 - present Incumbent