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Joshua Juda
Joshua Juda in Jackson Park
Personal information
Born August 20th, 1996
North Hempstead, New York, United States
Birth name Joshua R.
Citizenship Tianan
Nationality Tianan
Ethnicity Jewish
Political party Communist Party of Tiana
Residence Mansongrad
Alma mater University of Tiana
Occupation Domestic worker
Profession Mathematician
Religion Secular Jewish Humanist
Nickname(s) J-Rim

Joshua Juda is a politician in Tiana, who co-founded the Sultanate of Hakka with Joseph Puglisi.

Political views

Juda had been notably critical of the rule of Sultan Yusuf I in Hakka, and called for reform away from Islamism at the time. To this day he is noted as a particularly influential force within Tianan politics. He has described his political views as communism. Some commentators have placed him in the more conservative faction of the Communist Party of Tiana.

Personal life

Juda is an ardent metalhead, and has consistently promoted heavy metal music within Tiana.