Joseph Puglisi

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His Imperial Majesty
King of Tiana
Gaius Apuliensis Josephus Theodoricus Augustus Americanus
Emperor of the Romans of North America
Joseph Puglisi
Sultan of Hakka, Marquis of Gilville-upon-Sturt, Viscount of Damnpots, 1st Marquess Puglisi, ARSE KCOS OWC OP DES RF OS RP COF OBS OGU OP OOM KOH MOSC CCL GKOB ONG ORS CAO OOZ OON BOSR GKW KIC
Joseph Puglisi in June 2010
1st and 4th President of Tiana
Assumed office
2011, 2012-15
3rd, 5th and 9th Prime Minister of Tiana
Assumed office
2011, 2012-14, 2015
Personal information
Born 20 September 1996
Brookhaven, New York, U.S.
Birth name Joseph D.
Citizenship Tiana, United States
Nationality Tianan
Ethnicity Tianic
Political party Tianic Fatherland Front
Alma mater University of Tiana
Religion Atheist
Military service
Nickname(s) Puggy
Allegiance TianaFlag.png Tiana
In service 2010 -
Battles/wars Hakkai-Pongonesian War
Tianan War of Independence
Pimpville War
Tianan Civil War
Agnorrian Annexation

Joseph Puglisi is the 4th and current President of Tiana. He also serves as Chairman of the Communist Party of Tiana, and has served numerous terms as both President and Prime Minister of the Republic of Tiana. He has been a notable political figure in Tiana throughout the nation's existence as an independent state, and an equally notable figure intermicronationally.


Puglisi was born in 1996, on Long Island, New York, to working-class parents of Italian ancestry.

Puglisi's interest in micronationalism and nation projects began at a young age, but he entered the micronational community in 2010. Puglisi's micronational career has involved political roles in numerous micronations, including the Republic of Tiana, Sultanate of Hakka, Kingdom of Zealandia, Kingdom of Juclandia, State of Sandus, Zonian Confederacy, Grand Duchy of Flandrensis, Kozuc Khanate, Democratic People's Republic of Danesland, Federal Republic of BlueSkies and Students' Isocratic Oligarchy of Yabloko. He has held administrative positions in numerous micronational discussion outlets, including MicroWiki - a website, MicroPub - a Skype group, and MicroGroup - a Facebook group.

Political views

Joseph's Puglisi's position on the political compass

Joseph Puglisi has described himself as both a Marxist and a libertarian socialist for years. He has been known to be critical of both capitalism and statism - which he describes as "inextricably linked". Puglisi is also an ardent internationalist, and has criticized nationalism as "short-sighted, divisive, and dangerous". He is also firmly socially libertarian - being a fervent proponent of civil liberties, gay rights, gun rights, freedom of religion, and unlimited freedom of speech.

While Puglisi has been critical of modern American domestic and foreign policy, Puglisi has praised the United States of the 18th and 19th centuries as being "historically a bastion of freedom... a haven for radicals and freethinkers... far ahead of its time, in comparison to the despotic monarchies which plagued Europe at the time".

Religious views

Puglisi has described his religious views variously as atheism, agnosticism, and secular humanism. Puglisi has cited the New Atheist movement as influential to his views on the relationship between religious and public affairs. Despite being generally critical of religion, Puglisi has stated his support for a form of "materialist spirituality", and described spirituality as a "deeply personal matter".

Awards and decorations

Nation Date Honor Ribbon
Flag of Hakka.png Hakka 2010 Sultan of Hakka
Flag of Hakka.png Hakka 2010 Associate of the Royal Sovereign Estate
Optima national flag.png Optima 2011 Marquis of Gilville-upon-Sturt
Zealandian flag.png Zealandia 2011 Viscount of Damnpots
Zealandian flag.png Zealandia 2011 Knight Commander of the Order of the Shower
Zealandian flag.png Zealandia 2011 Order of the White Cane
Senyaflag.png Senya 2011 Order of the Phoenix OOTP logo.jpg
Senyaflag.png Senya 2011 Order of the Democratic Enviromental Society
FlagofSandus.png Sandus 2011 Ribbon of Flora Ribbon of Flora.png
FlagofSandus.png Sandus 2011 Order of the Sage Order of the Sage 1st.png
FlagofSandus.png Sandus 2011 Ribbon of Pebon Ribbon of Pebon.png
Yabloko flag.png Yabloko 2011 Companion of the Order of the Falcon OrderOfTheFalconI.png
Flag of Berin.png Berin 2011 Order of the Berinese Sun Berinese Sun Ribbon Bar.png
Flag of Safiria.png Safiria 2011 Order of the Generous Underclassman
Flag of Burkland.png Burkland 2011 Order of Puglisi
Flag of Burkland.png Burkland 2011 Honorary citizen
Danesland flag.1.png Danesland 2011 Honorary citizen
Montoshflag.jpg Montosh 2011 Officer of the Order of Montosh
Flag of Berin.png Berin 2011 Honorary citizen
Flag of Faryar.png Faryar 2011 Knight of the Order of the Hummingbird
Kozuc.png PR Kozuc 2011 Master of the Order of San Chance
Flag of Georgeton.png Georgeton 2011 1st Marquess Puglisi
Antarctico londaise.png Landashir 2012 Companion of the Community of Landashir
Flag of Imperial Berin.png Berin 2012 Grand Knight of the Order of the Baphomet IOB Ribbon.png
Flag Sch.PNG Schwanensee 2012 Order of National Glory Order of National Glory.png
Zealandian flag.png Zealandia 2012 Order of the Red Star
Flag of Austenasia.png Austenasia 2012 Commander of the Austenasian Order
Zealandian flag.png Zealandia 2013 Officer of the Order of Zealandia
Flag of Sabia and Verona.png Sabia and Verona 2013 Officer of the Order of the Needle OTN ribbon.png
Flag of Lycem.png Lycem 2013 Brother of the Order of the Steel Ring
TianaTricolor.png Tiana 2015 1st Baron Roberts
Natalflag.png Natal 2015 Grand Knight of the Most Excellent Order of the Wildebeest OKWribbon.png
PalasiaFlag.png Palasia 2015 Knight of the Palasian Iron Cross 2nd Class IronCross2ndClass.jpg
Includes outdated, revoked, and/or disowned awards