Jordan, Prince of Portskewett

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His Royal Majesty

Prince Jordan

Prince of New Wales
Prince of Wisteria-Williamsia
Reign 20 September 2004 -
Coronation 6 March 1994
Predecessor Various
Heiress Presumptive Princess Lauren
Prince of New Canada
Reign 12 March 2012 -
Coronation 12 March 2012
Predecessor Various
Heiress Presumptive
Acting King of New Wales
Reign 2006-08, 2012
Coronation 12 March 2012
Predecessor Various
Heiress Presumptive Princess Lauren
Consort None
House Williams
Father HRH Former King Richard
Mother HRH Former Queen Danielle
Born 6 March 1994 (1994-03-06) (age 24)
Occupation Student


Nationallity New Welsh

Jordan Williams is the founder, Prince and former acting King of Wisteria-Williamsia, Prince Jordan is 1st in line to the Throne.

Prince Jordan is the step-son of the Former King, HRH King Richard of New Wales, and the son of Former HRH Queen Danielle, Because the former King is marring into the former Queen's Royal family, Jordan will be 1st in line, because his Mother is the Former Queen. If the Former Kings family were royal, then the Prince would not be able to claim the title Prince and become King or First in line, because he is the step son of the King. The 1st in line would go to Princess Katie of Williamsia.

Person Life

Prince Jordan was born in Wales UK. The Prince has lived with his mother and Step-Father all his life.

The Prince is the founder and acting King of New Wales. He first had the idea of creating a small nation, including close-Family and friends, that each have a title and are the New Wales Royal family.

Royal Family

When New Wales was founded, The title of King was given to Richard, Jordan's step father, and the title of Queen to Danielle. Jordan's mother. On the 27th of December, The King and Queen resigned their title and their duties in the New Wales. The title was then passed down onto the 1st in line, Prince Jordan. However he declined the title, as did the 2nd in line, Princess Lauren. The 3rd and 4th in line are the Princesses Katie and Princess Lauren's Daughter. Both are under the ages of 11 so are too young to accept the title. The title would be passed onto 5th in line, he is too busy with work and other comitments to become King. As his sons (6th and 7th in line) are under the ages of 5, they are too young to hold the title. The only other people avalible would be Princess Lauren's Fiance.

The Island of New Wales was forced into a fight (Armored Federation-Cyber War ). This was against New Wales wishes as the country had no need to fight believing that they had not done anything wrong. On the 13rd of January 2012 Jordan announced that the small Micronation of had resigned from the war after someone changed his letter announcing that he did not want to enter war. The war finished shortly after the truth was found out eventually by Jordan and the World Armoured Federation

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