John I of Loquntia

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HM King John I
HG König Johann I
The Kingdom of Loquntia
A trigram of I.R.I., standing for the Latin equivalent of King John I.
Monarch of the Kingdom of Loquntia
Reign Oct 25, 2014 - Present
Coronated Oct. 26, 2014
Predecessor Established
Successor TBA
Prince of Norling
Reign Oct. 25, 2014 - Present
Coronated Oct. 26, 2014
Predecessor Established
Successor TBA
Dictator General of Lokúntia
Dictatorship Jan. 21, 2012 - Oct. 25, 2014
Predecessor Established
Successor Abolished
Supreme Justice of Loquntia
Office Feb. 5, 2015 - Nov. 20, 2015
Predecessor Incumbent
Successor TBA
Procurator Fiscal HG Isaiah Elijah, Count of Stone
Full name
His Majesty King John Bailey Houston I, Prince of Norling, Fount of Honour, D.g.rex L.R.&.Esq.
House Houston; Richmond
Father HRH Samuel, the King Father of Houston
Mother HRH Shirley, the King Mother of Houston
Religion King James Church of Loquntia

John Houston (born 14 March 1998) is the reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Loquntia and the Principality of Norling. He was originally the Dictator General of Loquntia and, with the help of first Governor General Jordan Stone, he established Loquntia (at that time Lokúntia).

Personal Life

King John is, among other things, a collector of videogames consoles and home and office computers from the 70s and 80s. He enjoys black coffee, black teas served in the British style, and Dandelion and Burdock. He also bears a strange satisfaction from well-photographed floral still-lifes, among other quirks.

The King is believed to have post-traumatic stress disorder, which has affected him greatly but by avoiding triggers he has attained a better quality of life. He has yet to find a consort, and with many a failure on that front, this, too, negatively affects the Sovereign's mental health.

Micronational Career and Involvement

King John I was an alienated child in middle school, with few friends and acquaintances to come by. He set out to create his own language, Lokúnta, which was, for all intents and purposes, a failure and a waste of time.

Just as King John knew nothing of conlangs when he made Lokúnta, when King John and Governor General Stone founded Loquntia, they had no idea what a micronation was and hadn't a clue that such a thing was done elsewhere in the world. It wasn't until the Loquntian revival after the Purge Act that Loquntia was even known to the online world.

Now, with a growing population and alliances with other micronations, Loquntia is becoming a more prevalent Micronation, with its constitutional figure-head, King John I at its helm.

Prime Ministers / Governors General

King John has lived to see only three prime ministers. all of which appointed on a provisional basis.

List of Prime Ministers
Name Length of Office Type Notes
Jordan Stone Jan. 21, 2012 - Mar. 1, 2012 Governor General Co-founder of Loquntia, removed from office for insubordination while Loquntia was still a dictatorship, tried for treason in 2015
Sir Kyle Stötzel Mar. 1, 2012 - Feb. 5, 2015 Governor General Longest serving to date
Novian Johnson Feb. 5, 2015 - Mar. 17, 2015 Prime Minister / Governor General Stepped down to pursue religious enlightenment
Sir Kyle Stötzel Mar. 17, 2015 - Present Deputy Prime Minister Executing office for PM Novian Johnson until next election