John Cross

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John Cross
Awarded by the
Royal coat of arms of Baustralia.svg
Sovereign of Baustralia
Established20 June 2017
Country Baustralia
CriteriaAt the Monarch's pleasure
StatusCurrently constituted
FounderKing John I
SovereignKing John I
Total inductees0
Next (higher)Highest
Next (lower)Order of the Gadus

The John Cross is the highest and most prestigious award of the Baustralian honours system. It is awarded for gallantry "in the presence of the enemy" to members of the Baustralian Armed Forces. It may be awarded posthumously.

List of members

List of current members of the Order
Member number Rank Name Year of appointment Present age
Admiral of the Fleet Tudor Crown (heraldry).svg The King Sovereign of since 2018 18