Jarnes, officially the Hjalsk Dependency of Jarnes is an overseas dependency of Hjalvik.

Hjalsk Hlitretr av Jarnes
  Hjalsk Overseas Dependency  

Country Jarldom of Hjalvik
District Austfold
Established 30 August 2020
 - Type Jarldom
 - Jarl Jarl Juvan I
 - Jarl Jarl Keaghan I
 - Total 0.05 km2 (0 sq mi)
Population (2020)
 - Total 0
Time zone GMT


The name origin of Jarnes is unknown, although there are a few ideas as to what it means.


The first claims to Jarnes took place on 30 August 2020. It was decided that because Hjalvik did not officially own the peninsula, Jarnes would become only an overseas dependency.


Located in the Hjalsk district of Austfold, Jarnes was originally part of the Orkney parish of St Andrews, before it was annexed by Hjalvik. Jarnes is a long, thin peninsula that gets wider at its furthest point. At the east side of Jarnes is Jarsund, and at the west is Jarvik, a vast sandy bay which at high tide is submerged in water.


It has been said that a fox-like creature, known as the "Wilikson Fox" guards Jarnes from anyone trespassing on its territory. It has only been sighted once.