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Whestcorean Shogunate
of Japanitania

Japanitanian flag.png

Japanitania.pngJapanitania (in green) marked on a map of Whestcorea
Official language(s)English, Japanese
Short nameJapanitania
GovernmentShogunate, Empire
- EmperorHoratio Eden
- Sei-i TaishōgunAnders Saltborn
Established28 September 2015
Population1 (as of 2015 census)
CurrencyBarter, M$
Time zoneUTC
National dishSushi
National drinkTea
Patron saintRichard Chamberlain

Japanitania is a semi-autonomous state of the Federal Republic of Whestcorea located at the most southern region of the country. Due to the lack of a permanent citizenry, it is somewhat underdeveloped, though on the 23 December 2015, it had its first State Mememaster-General Anders Saltborn appointed by Whestcorean Mememaster-General Horatio Eden[1]. Once appointed, Saltborn decided to proclaim Japanitania a shogunate due to its etymology, and took the title Sei-i Taishōgun or Shogun for himself. In accordance with Japanese feudal tradition, this makes Horatio Eden the Emperor.


In March 2016 the state quasi-independently from Whestcorea, although Whestcorea wholeheartedly agreed, decided to accept Micronational Dollar as a currency in addition to the traditonal barter, and Japanitania Holdings, Inc. was founded. The function of the company is to act as the state's controlling authority towards the Micronational Dollar and its market. Japanitania Holdings is fully owned and controlled by the Japanitanian state.


  1. State-Mememasters appointed, Whestcorean Times, 24 December 2015

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