January Revolution

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January Revolution
Part of Dissolution of the Socialist Republic of Indokistan
DateJanuary 16th - January 25th 2011
Result Loyalists take control the Government; Dissloution of the Socialist Republic
Bendera Indokistan 2.png Communist Government Bendera Indokistan 3.png Indokistan Loyalists
Commanders and leaders
Communist president Farhan Abdurrahman
Indokistan Armed Forces
Communist loyalists
Dissident members of the Indokistan Armed Forces
Indokistan loyalists

January Revolution, or less known as Indokistan Civil war was a conflict between Communist government and Indokistan government in middle of January 2011. this civil war was took place in entire Indokistan. the dealiest was occured in front of the Farhangrad, when Indokistan Armed Forces suddenly shots the demonstrant.

The war was end for 6 days before the revolutionaries succeded to enter the president room in Farhangrad, and forcing him to sign the resignation letter. When the communist president finally signed the letter, tha socialist republic were dissolved, and a more-democraticly Indokistan established again.



There are several causes, that make the people of Indokistan to do a Revolution:

1. Indokistan Anti-Communists are hold a grudge for what happened in the First attempt to Coup, when 12 people from an anti-Communist has been shot in the Jumstraad.

2. The higher tax that must been paid by a month, and the freedom of speech and talk are limited. The Party are also always held an event that just dedicated to him

3. Corruption in the Communist Party. it is believed that half of the tax will go to the members of the party.

Farhangrad Coup

In early of January 2011, there was an attempt to coup the President Helmi by attack him when he walking around the Parliament. The attempt are failed after the Armed Forces fought them and they are shot in front of the Farhangrad. Due of this accident, the Nabil's speech about this tragedy are heard by the Indokistani outside the Indokistan, and they established an organisation that named Revolutionaries ('Bahasa Indonesia: Kaum Revolusioner) and their goal was to overthrown the communist government.


19-21 January

The Revolutionaries are did a long march to Farhangrad in 19 January for doing a demonstration, they will never out from that area, before the Communist president resigned. Firstly, it begins peaceful, but, in the noon in 20 January, the demonstrant start to be riot after no noe people from the Communist to meet them. In 21 January, The demonstrant are shocked by the Indokistan Armed Forces, when they suddenly deploy the army to the Farhangrad.

22-24 January

The Indokistan Armed Forces Still escorted the Farhangrad. In 23 January, General Badra Shidqi was received the command from the Communist president to shot the Demonstrant if they don't leave the area until 6.30 PM. In 7.00 PM, the Demonstrant was shouted by General. he said, The Road must be empty until 9.00 PM. No one of the demonstrant leaves the Road. the climax was happened in 9.21 PM, when Indokistan Armed Forces Suddenly aim the gun, and shot the gun to the Demonstrant. Since this accident, the demonstrant are extremely riot. The both sides are shooting each other. this was happened until Night 24 January.

Night 24-25 January

The main people from Indokistan Government was meeting, and they have a plan, They will be attack from the inside the Farhangrad. in Morning 25 January, Utilizing the riots outside, they infiltrate into Farhangrad. armed, they forced to the Presidental palace, when the gate succesfully demolished, They run into the Presidental palace and run into the President room. With gunpoints, they forced the President to sign the Resignation. in 4.45 PM, the Government are succesfully take-over by the Indokistan Government.


In January 25th, the loyalists of Indokistani government and the Revolutionaries succeded to overthrowned the Communist Government, after the Communist leader was forced to sign the resignation. This thing lead to the dissolution of the Socialist Republic of Indokistan, when the leader of the Communist are being exiled.

The new formed parliament at that time, Farhangrad Parliament also immediately held emergency meeting, and making some decision, including ban all Communist party activities and formation of the National Salvation Front.

The parliament building of the Communist Government are became the Farhangrad Parliament office, also all communist-related objects and things also being removed from the building. And the flag of Socialist Republic changed to the new flag, the design that similar as the Communist flag makes the flag being criticized at the first time.