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James Reginald Frisch

James Reginald Frisch is the founder and Prince of Beacon City, where he is known is HSH Prince James in that capacity. Frisch has been involved in micronations since January 2012, when he founded New Winterdown, the precedessor to Beacon City. Frisch serves in other prominent roles, such as First Minister of the Tsardom of Nolland, and a major member of the Federalist Party in Abelden. He also maintains a dubious claim to the title of "Interim President of France"; it is unclear how related this role is to the macronation known as France.


Micronational career


Frisch served as the Minister of Interior and Security from 25 January 2017 to the 4 April.


Frisch is the founder and former member of the Green Party, which he created on 12 June 2017. Frisch served as Heaminister from 20 March 2017 until 2 November. Frisch also served as the Chancellor of the Treasury between 20 March and 25 June. The Green Party has since remained inactive.


  • Prince of Beacon City
  • Minister for the Treasury
  • Assemblyman
  • Electoral Commissioner
  • Chief Executive of the Beacon City Media Corporation
  • Isambard Warden


  • Order of the Rampant Lion


  • Heaminister
  • Minister for the Treasury


  • Count of the Low Wold
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • State Culture Brehon
  • Member of Parliament (Liberal Party)
  • Deputy Speaker of the Mercian Parliament House



  • Titular Duke

French (dubious)

  • Interim President of the Republic

Republic of the 43rd

  • Chair of the normalcy committee
  • Representative of the normalcy commitee

Titles and Honours