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|name = Jack Doofenshmirtz Bug
|name = Jack Doofenshmirtz Bug
|title = Militant Mirtz
|title = Militant Mirtz
|image = Zelgend monarch.png
|image = JackBug.png
|image_size = 100px
|image_size = 100px
|caption =  
|caption =  

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Jack Doofenshmirtz Bug
ResidenceJabillah, Zelgend
TitleMilitant Mirtz
Military career
Allegiance Zelgend
Jack I's signature.png

Jack Bug, is a classified terrorist, professional alchemist and Prophet of the Pago Pagoism religions.


Jack was born as, "Jack Joseph Beeg", later in life he found God, Pago Pago. After that he became radical, planing attacks in Kapreburg and Quebec. Many folk-tales claim that Jack could walk at 1 week and drive at 4 months. They also claimed that when he was five years old he turned water into a luck potion.


Jack has programmed the online video game doofus.io, which can be found at https://doofusio.herokuapp.com, which is being investigated as a terrorist recruitment program.