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His Excellency,
Lucien (Luke) Christian Albertine (Albertschine)
Minister-President of Hobartstown and Victoria
Assumed office
March 2013
President Victoria Mary von Bregne-Lizst
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born New York Methodist Hospital
Brooklyn, United States
Citizenship Hobartian and Victorian, Alexandrian, Safirian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Bruin Afrikaner
Political party Moderate Democracy
Liberal Democrats
Residence Amblebridge, Hobartstown and Victoria
Occupation Anthropologist, theologian, writer
Religion Greek Orthodoxy

Lucien (Luke) Christian Albertschine (Albertine), formerly known as Christian Sands, is the Minister-President of the Commonwealth of Hobartstown and Victoria.

Micronational career

Albertschine founded Saint Luke and Amager in June 2011. He led the early decision to run the nation as a direct democracy, and acted as its de facto leader since foundation. He wrote the Charter of Amager, establishing constitutional government in the nation, and signed the Treaty of Amasburg, making Amager an mandate of the Organisation of Active Micronations.

Albertschine's position of power was confirmed by the first Amagerian elections in January 2012, following independence from Eniarku. After his election, he reaffirmed the direct democratic roots of the nation by allowing all Amagerians to vote on laws as members of parliament.

Awards and honors