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{{DEFAULTSORT:Grant Winchester, J.}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Grant Winchester, J.}}
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J. Grant Winchester
Prime Minister of Hobartstown and Victoria
In office
31 March 2013 - 8 August 2014
Sovereign Jonathan, Grand Duke of the Bregne
Predecessor Office established
Successor Monarchy abolished
Personal information
Born J. Grant Manresa
13 March 2001 (2001-03-13) (age 20)
New York City, United States
Citizenship Natalia
Nationality American
Ethnicity English
Political party Conservative People's Party
Residence South Orange, New Jersey
Occupation Anthropologist, theologian, writer, musician
Religion High Anglicanism
Celtic Christianity

J. Grant Winchester (born 13 March 2001), formerly known as Lucien Christian Albertschine de Chavannes, is a polical theorist and anthropologist, who was Prime Minister of Hobartstown and Victoria from 2013 until the dissolution of Hobartstown and Victoria in 2014.

A researcher in Christian theology and cultural anthropology, Winchester founded Havnesgade-Amager and was unanimously elected President in 2011. Following his election by the Parliament of Havnesgade-Amager, Winchester introduced a series of social and economic initiatives modeled on those of the Scandinavian countries.

Upon the dissolution of Havnesgade-Amager in 2013 and the subsequent founding of Hobartstown and Victoria, Winchester embraced libertarian conservatism and ethnic nationalism. After the collapse of Bregentine society, Winchester resigned as Prime Minister and the Parliament of Hobartstown and Victoria authorised its dissolution.

Awards and honors