Izvorani Oblast

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  State in the Federated States of Snagov  
Gruiu City and Santu Floresti
Flag of Izvorani
Coat of arms of Izvorani
Coat of arms
State of Gruiu
Country Federated States of Snagov
Capital Gruiu City
 - Representative Chilau David Robert
 - Total 13.5 km2 (5.2 sq mi)
Population (28 June 2020)
 - Total 2,790
 - Density 206.7/km2 (535.3/sq mi)
Demonym Gruian
Vehicle registration GRU

Gruiu is a state in the Federated States of Snagov. The state has two cities, Gruiu City and Santu Floresti, combined, they equal about 2790 citizens.


"Gruiu" means "small hill" in Romanian. It has many other meanings but this is the accepted one.

Flag and coat of arms

The flag is a green and black banner separated in the centre with the coat of arms on the left side. The green represents the hills, and the black represents the arable soil. The coat of arms is a shield , composed of three shades of green, with a black bird on the upper side.


The foundation date of the two cities is unknown, but they are in the upper-right shore of Lake Snagov. So probably around the time Silistea Snagovului was founded. The State joined the Federated States of Snagov on 22 June 2020.


The population is divided into two cities, Gruiu City and Santu Floresti. Gruiu has about 2003 citizens. The other city, Santu Floresti has about 787 people.


The Gruian economy depends solely on agriculture.


The political party in the state is the National Snagov Party. The representative of the state is Chilau David Robert.