Izkargom language

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The Izkargom language Изкаргом кякō
Spoken in: Izkaria, Cheslovia, England
Total speakers: 2, unknown amount semi fluent
Location: Europe
Language family: (Constructed language family)
.South Baltiak
Official language of: Izkaria
Regulated by: Izkar Language Institute

Изкар кякō ěнерса

The Izkargom language is the official language of Izkaria. It is closely related to the Cheslovian.

Originaly the name Izkargom language was used in Izkaria to replace the name Cheslovian language, on the 1st January 2009 the Izkar government created the Izkargom language.

Cyrillic alphabet

Аа Āā Бб
Дд Ее Ěě
Вв Гг Хх
Ии Џџ Кк
Лл Мм Нн
Оо Ōō Пп
Рр Сс Шш
Тт Цц Ђђ
Уу Зз Жж
Яя Юю

Sample text

Below are examples of Izkargom and the similarities with Cheslovian:

  • (English) The Izkargom language has many similarities with Cheslovian.
  • (Izkargom) Изкаргом кякō хађō вснěěкронйе даус словěш мāх Чесловискаигом.
  • (Cheslovian) Изкаргом какŏ хачŏ вснўўкронйе даус словўш мăх Чесловискаи.