Izkar War of Independence

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The Izkar War of Independence
(Cheslovian) Изкар сикŏ вошна шмиртас
(Izkargom) Изкар вěнō кěс миртас
The location of Izkaria
Conflict: The Izkar War of Independence, also known as The Winter Rebellion
Date: 29 December 2008 - 31 January 2009
Place: Central Cheslovia, Musorov
Outcome: Cheslovian victory, establishment of the "Izkar Remnants", incorporation of Milna into Cheslovia again and capture of Izkarian claimed territory.
Kaznian flag.jpgCheslovian Federation

Malokaz.jpgMalokaz BCSA logo.pngBaltian Collective Security Alliance

Izkarflag.pngIzkar Confederacy

Milna.jpgMilna Republic

Cheslovian Government Izkarian Government
5 (KDI) 2 (Izkar Army), 1 (Milnian Militia)
2 3

The Izkar War of Independence (known in the Cheslovian Federation as "The Winter Rebellion") started on the 29th December 2008 (and ended on the 31st January 2009) because the Cheslovian Government did not accept proposals to make parts of Tamir and Vladislavia autonomous, as a result, the people who proposed the idea created their own nation comprized of three regions, two of which are autonomous. The two autonomous regions are the Republic of Kav (containing the city Iziz) and the Republic of Damos (containing the city of Igren). The third region is shared by the two republics, and this region is New Nolybab (named after the old Imperial Kaznian Sector of Nolybab). New Nolybab contains the city Zoltan, Zoltan is the capital city of Izkaria.

Military activity

The Cheslovian Ministry of Intelligence had severely crippled the Izkarian information network on 4 January 2009 during "Operation: Internal Destruction". Another form of acitivty was the Battle of Zoltan.

The temporary peace

On 8 January, the Cheslovian and Izkar governments agreed a temporary peace in order to protect Cheslovia from a even bigger threat, Baugnia, who was deemed a threat to Cheslovia on the same day. The separatists, although against Cheslovia, are at times good friends who can reach agreements easily. Malokaz has also allied itself with Cheslovia and Izkaria.

Temporary peace ended

On the 18th january 2009, the temporary peace was broken after a discussion (called "The Peace of Baltia Conference") was held between the Izkar government and the Cheslov government. The Prime Minister of Cheslovia sided with the Izkars and campaigned for his Republic (Milna) to also become independent. As a result, the Prime Minister Boris Groznayev was fired from his job as Cheslovian Prime Minister.

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