Izkar Remnants

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The Izkarian Remnants (also known as the "Izkarian Holdouts")are a group of Izkarian held territories. The territories are small and thus can not appear on a map. It is unknown how many territories the Izkarian Holdouts have, but it is known that these are areas in which they have complete control.

The ex-Izkarian citizens maintaining these remnants have romoured that Milna also has a holdout, even though they have been incorporated into the Cheslovian Federation again. The Milnian are romoured to have one "free" territory inside an Izkarian holdout. This territory is not part of the Chesovian Milna.

Milnian Holdouts

The Milnian Holduts is the name given to a small piece of rebel land inside an Izkar Remnant held territory. Although the Milnian Holdout is declaring independence from Cheslovia, the actual governor of the Milnian Republic (now back in the control of Cheslovia) has stated that he did not allow the creation of rebel territory called Milna, he also said that the territory should be treated as if it were a completely different territory but with the same name as Milna.

Cheslovian Response

The Federal government has stated that it will soon recapture these territories, the Cheslovian government also believe that most of the holdouts are loctaed inside Cheslovian Okrugs.