Izkanian State (Metonia)

Izkania was one of the states of  Metonian Federal Republic. It was the most populous state, being thought as the heart of Metonia. It was the founder of Metonia.

Izkanský štát
Languages spoken Slovak,Izkanian,English
Date founded 23rd September 2011
Population 3
Demonym Izkanian
Governor M.R.Izkanski



 The major part of Izkania is flat, with a few hills  to the west, known as Várske vrchy.

Izkania shown to the center-east. The name Kúty shows the place of the city of Novomostje Major cities

  1. Novomostje (2 citizens, 100 residents)
  2. Lasavski Brod (1 citizens)
  3. Maloluka (20 residents)

Adminsitrative divisions

The state is divided into 10 districts (akresi):

  1. Novomostje
  2. Novopolje
  3. Dubovina
  4. Varberg
  5. Varska dolina
  6. Brikental
  7. Poriečie
  8. Maloluka
  9. Lasovski Brod
  10. Tanenfeld


Snjem of Izkania (Izkanskí snjem)

Has two members- M.R. Izkanski and A.M. Lasowski.