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United Republic of Isvik & Tavadia

In patria memoria - In Country's Memory
Isvikian claimed territory within Iceland
Official language(s)English, Icelandic
- Honorable Judge of National Matters [HJONM]Alexandria Quinn
Established2005 as Iskwan
Time zoneGMT

The United Republic of Isvik & Tavadia (often called U.R.I.T or simply Isvik) is a micronation located in Iceland established in 2005 by the Honorable Judge of National Matters, Alexandria Quinn.


The name derives from the two combined nations, Isvik and Tavadia. Isvik being a portmanteau of Is (Icelandic word for ice) and vik (a common Icelandic word used as a suffix for towns. Tavadia has a more complicated etymological history as it effectively has none. Tavadia was a name chosen back in the re-establishing of 2013, as a name had to be chosen but was preferred not to be similar to the ones before it effectively didn't matter what the new name would've been. The new name was chosen seemingly at random by choosing random letters and modifying it to the HJONM's will.


While it is often speculated when Iskwan was founded the generally accepted date is somewhere between 2002 - 2005. This is due to the lack of any dates that can be accurately proven but 2005 is claimed as the de facto establishing point simply because of the first documented mention of it in one of the HJONM's journals. The establishing was more of a worldbuilding excercise than anything beyond that as it was simply the case of political roleplaying. In December 2011 though, Alexandria started taking this more seriously as she had learned of the potential for micronational sovereigns and the community that had been built upon them. This lead to the establishment of Iskwania which was quickly approached by the Saxon Empire and Iskwania became a member. However, on the 4th of June, 2012, Stonland left the Empire to join St.Charlie, with Duke Sighere appointing Alexandria Quinn as his successor as co-empress of the empire. In February 2013 Iskwania was refounded under the name Tavadia and joined the Saxon Empire which Alexandria later due to disinterest in the Saxon Empire left, leaving King Penda II. as sole emperor.

Isvik was a rather big part of Alexandria's history having started life as a political simulation based around a nomadic culture turned settlers in the Nordics. This political simulation briefly became a micronation in February of 2014 and merged with Alexandria's other micronation to form the United Republic of Isvik & Tavadia in October 2014.


The culture of Isvik mostly centers around the art and literary world. According to manual survey done by HJOM Alexandria herself in 2013, 1/4th of the population are writers and 1/2 of the population are filmmakers while only 1/8th are traditional artists.


Isvikian cuisine is largely based on the macronation its located on. Fish and dairy products are very popular, along with mutton and poultry. A special blend of chicken soup is the nations national dish which is called Kjuklingsgæði ("Chicken quality").