Isles of Pagues

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Isles of Pagues

Official Flag of the Isles of Pagues2.png
Coat of Arms of isle of pagues.png
Coat of Arms

"With open arms, with an open mind."
An ariel view of the Isles of Pagues, St Adler, Attenborough and Great Albert Island are labelled.
Capital city Viscany
Largest city St Adler
- Monarch Elizabeth II
- Ministerial Captain Joseph the Protector
Established 12 September 2017
Area claimed 9,607 m² (land)
50,000 m² (water)
Population 0 (2017 census)

The Isles of Pagues (abbreviated as IoP), traditionally known as Paguester, is an archipelago & autonomous community in the River Blackwater, United Kingdom, consisting of Hexonhead Island, Hithersea Island, Great Albert Island, Attenborough and Ealew. Many oystercatchers settle and breed there in the Summer. It was founded by "Joseph the Protector" on 12th September 2017, after he decided that the birds deserved to have names for their islands due to their constant travels there. He called them the 'Isles of Pagues' (Isles of Pagans) because the vast majority of his ideas were derived from Paganism.


There have been no records of humans residing on the islands, which keeps it private to the birds. A reason for this is because the islands are too small. Another reason is that the islands have water flowing through it, which occasionally splits parts of it off, so in order to build any infrastructure there, the islands would have to be extended.


The Isles of Pagues were founded so different packs of birds could have their own individual islands, at first, Joseph was hesitant to do this, because he thought it was dividing the birds from eachother, but he then realised that they had naturally done it anyway.

The Islands

Koko's Point

A monument called Koko's Point, was erected on 29th September 2017, to commemorate a gorilla called Koko, who is known for her close proximity with humans. She is able to communicate with humans by using a form of American sign language. Joseph thought this was special, and was very touched when he heard her views on humanity. The monument lies on a small island in Attenborough.

A detailed map of the archipelago.