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Island Liberation Army Ground Force

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The Island Liberation Army Ground Force is the main land warfare service branch of the Island Liberation Army, and oldest branch of the national armed forces of the Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic. It has a standing troop strength of 7, as every resident of the VISSR is a citizen soldier who wears the uniform of the ILA Ground Force in times of emergency. The VISSR Border Troops are under the direct command of the Ground Force branch, but are a more elite unit comprised of only the top graduates of the ILA's basic training program.

Island Liberation Army Ground Force
ILA Ground Force Infobox.jpg
Active 2019 - Present
Country Flag of the Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic.svg Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic
Allegiance Communist Party of the VISSR
Type Army
Size 7 citizen soldiers
Part of Island Liberation Army
Headquarters Dustingrad
Nickname Red Army
Colors Red, Gold
Anniversaries 5 August
Funding 2% (2019)
Supreme Commander Comrade Dustinov
Marshal of the Republic Comrade Dustinov
Battle Flag ILA Ground Force.png
Emblem ILA Emblem Transparent.png