Islam in Frieden

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Islam is a major part of Friedenish culture, with many things being surrounded around Islam.


Music is a large part of Culture in Frieden. Most of the Music in Frieden is surrounded around Islam. The Anthem, Allahu Akbar, praises God. Much of the State Music is surrounded around Islam as well. Songs sing of Muhammed and Allah.

State Symbolism

State Symbolism is majorly Muslim. The flag, a Green Rectangle, represents Islam. The Coat of Arms of the Parliament is an Eagle of Saladin, and represents Islam. The Official Religion of Frieden is Islam, and many heads of Frieden are Muslims, Including Muammar Brasi, Kamer Camel, and Kittles Lewis.


New Benghazi, a major city in Frieden, is Majorly Islamic. With the Entirety of Upper N.B being Muslim. And 97% of Lower N.B being Muslim, the other 3% being Buddhist. New Tripoli, looked at by Friedenish People as Religiosly Secular, is majorly Muslim as well.