Isaiah Burdette

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His Excellency
Isaiah Burdette
Assumed office:
August 20th, 2020
Sovereign Prince Christopher Miller
Predecessor Brandon Mierzwa
Sejm Member of Matachewan
Assumed office:
August 1st, 2020
King Brandon Mierzwa
Premier Christopher Miller
Predecessor Robert Smith
Successor N/A
Humberlea Parliament Member
Assumed office:
January 1st, 2020
King Nicholas Lokin
Prime Minister Johann
Predecessor Unknown
President of Florania
Assumed office:
13 September 2020
Predecessor Aydan Dillon
Personal information
Father Alan Burdette
Mother Rachel Burdette
Born November 16th 2006
Political party Republican Party (United States)
Conservative League of Matachewan (Matachewan)
Religion Evangelical Christian

Isaiah Burdette (born 16 November 2006) is a micronationalist who serves as the 2nd President of Florania having defeated incumbent president Aydan Dillon in the general election. A member of the Constitution Party, he has pledged to switch Florania from the current "electoral point" system to a two-round system. He has also shown signs of legalizing gambling.


The first nation Isaiah Burdette ever joined was The Common Wealth of America now this nation is no longer here today. Isaiah Burdette began here by winning an election for General Assembly now not too long after the election he was charged with abuse of power and election fraud. He won on the charge of abuse of power but plead guilty on the charge of election fraud his plea deal included suspended citizenship for a week or two and removal of General assembly now not even a week after this the nation was disbanded. But this marked his entryway into Micronationlism and began what was to become a long career.

Positions Held

Isaiah Burdette has held many positions throughout his career. He has said that his most notable position held was when he was on the Sejm in Matachewan, though he was appointed there by Brandon Mierzwa, he has said that he is still prideful that he got a chance to serve Matachewan.

Nation Position
The Grand Kingdom of Matachewan Sejm Member, Minister of economic development
Kingdom of Humberlea Parliament Member
Republic of Ernest President
Republic of Leo Grand Unified Ministry Member
New Republic of Lonzano Judge
Empire of Crabistan Congressman
The Second Best Union Tresurer
Kingdom of Brienia Royal Senator
Kingdom of Brurndonum Kings Court
Republic of Yu-Xia Global Council Member
The Republic of Daravied Premier
Principality of Nordika 4th Riksminister of Foreign Affairs, Riksministerpresident


Isaiah Burdette has had a long career in many diffrent places within the micronation community and is still active in most of them today.


Isaiah Burdette's Nordika career began when he applied to be the Riksminister of foreign affairs where he passed 6 treaties of mutual recognition with Regelis, Humberlea, Yu-Xia, Roskya, Atiera, and Matachewan. After his time as Riksminister of foreign affairs he won the seat of Riksministerpresident unopposed, where he began his plan to join the Cupertino Alliance and made 2 government orders the first made it so that Nordika would begin to join the Cupertino alliance the second was to ratify a treaty of mutual recognition with Atiera.


Matachewan was one of the first micronations and biggest Isaiah Burdette ever joined. It began when after a long mission with Christopher Miller, he was appointed to sejm by Brandon Mierzwa where he was later kicked out. After that he mostly just talked with the community until he founded the Conservative League of Matachewan that joined a coalition dedicated to taking down the Premier at that time Robert Smith. His party ended up gaining a seat in parliement the next election and the coalition had also beaten Robert and put Christopher Miller as Premier where Isaiah Burdette was given a role as Minister of Economic Affairs in Chritopher Miller's cabinet and that is where he is now.

Matachewan Military Career

isaiah Burdette's Military career began when he enlisted in the Matachewan Armed Forces as a Szeregowy. Then after a few weeks he took a quiz that would rank him up he did end up leaving the Matachewanian Armed Forces but later returned soon after he returned he was added to a secret spy program named M.C.B but not even a week later Brandon did decide to disolve the Matachewan Army for globals.


Isaiah Burdette's Humberlea carreer began when he won a election for parliment then he joined the ministry of law. He soon started getting to know the Humberlea community he did end up stepping down from his seat in Humberlea's parliment but then later ran again for a parliment seat which he ended up winning. He also then joined the Humeberlean Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he wrote the Nordika - Humberlea Treaty of Mutual Recognition and where his second term was ending so he ran for reelection the election still has yet to come.


Isaiah's carreer in Yu-Xia began when he became a citizen when the nation was still pretty new that same month he joined the global council and served out his term then won reelection then took a small break then eventually returned and got his seat back. Where he did later start a colony for Yu-Xia since he was a founder of a colony he was at that point considered a local and joined local council where he then began getting in to many debates then he decided to start a news channel called the Yu-Xia Gazette and that is where he currently is.

Cupertino Alliance

Isaiah first began as a delegate for Florania in the Cupertino Alliance but he only ever attended one meeting as a Floranian Delegate because he completely left Florania. But a few weeks later he returened as a Humberlea delegate where he began a cupertino podcast assignment and that is where he currently is now.

The Ernest Conflict

The Ernest Conflict was series of conflicts. The first of which happened after The Republic of Ernest discord server was destroyed by a group known as the Silver Legion, Isaiah Burdette then started the new Republic of Ernest when he saw what happened. This is where the first conflict began, Sertor Valentinus claimed that the Republic of Ernest that Isaiah Burdette created was an insurgency group and a rebel nation. Isaiah Burdette claimed that he came up with the name Ernest. They both went to The Grand Micronational Alliance in which they both claimed they owned the name. The GMA filed court case to resolve said issue. The court ruled in favor of Isaiah Burdette, though after an appeal from Sertor Valentinus the GMA's court allowed it to be a vote among their members, the vote was in favor of Sertor Valentinus. The Alliance proceeded to recognize that sector had the right to the name and that Isaiah Burdette's nation would be ejected out of the alliance unless they changed their name, Isaiah Burdette did not change the name so they were ejected from it, of which which they never rejoined the alliance.


"The sun always rises and sets theres nothing you can do to change that" - Isaiah Burdette, September 2nd, 2020

"There are very few arguments in which one side is right or wrong both sides usually represent a partial truth if we could focus more on what encompasses parts of both truths instead of trying to be correct the world would be a better place" - Isaiah Burdette, August 29th, 2020

"There are many good politicians in the micronation community yet calling somone a good politician isnt a compliment" - Isaiah Burdette, September 4, 2020

"Why do i always start quotes with the or there" - Isaiah Burdette, September 5, 2020

Political Positions

Isaiah Burdette's Political Compass

Isaiah Burdette is a well known Conservative in the micronation community he has started many Conservative Partys like the Conservative League of Matachewan and the Nationalist Party of Yu-Xia. He is often in debates with others over capitlism and other conservative beliefs. It is unsually for his political ideology to be right wing due to he being part of Gen-Z which is overwelmingly left wing and liberal. When he was younger he did used to consider himself Left Wing but since getting deeper into politics he has turned more right wing. He also tends to be patriotic something also rare in modern America for Gen-Z.

Political Party's Isaiah is apart of
Party Ideology Members Chairman Nation
Humberlea-Matachewan Party Conservative 2 Brandon Mierzwa Humberlea
Conservative League of Matachewan Conservative 4 Isaiah Burdette Matachewan
Nordika Growth Party N/A 2 Isaiah Burdette Nordika
Nationalist Party Conservative 1 Isaiah Burdette Yu-Xia
Conservative Military Party Conservative 3 Isaiah Burdette Roskya
Consitution Party Centrist 8 isaiah Burdette Florania