Iostan na Beithe

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Iostan na Beithe
"Birch Tree Cottage"
—  Territory of Austenasia  —
Established 13 April 2014
 - Landed noble HG Bradley, Baron of Iostan na Beithe
 - Governor HE Pope Queranus I

Iostan na Beithe ("Birch Tree Cottage" in Scottish Gaelic) is a Territory in the Empire of Austenasia situated on the Scottish island of Coll. Upon its foundation, the territory was named Beith Craobh Iostan, but this was renamed to its current name on 14 March 2019 after the Austenasian government was informed that the original name was an over-literal translation.

The land was annexed on 13 April 2014 by the Empire of Austenasia after being offered to the Austenasian government by Alastair Cranston, whose family owns the land. A holiday home was recently built on the land (after the photograph to the right was taken), but is uninhabited for most of the year; with no permanent population, the land was annexed as a Territory rather than a Town.

Although Cranston's home of Shineshore was ceded by the Empire in November 2017, Iostan na Beithe was retained under Austenasian sovereignty.

Iostan na Beithe was not appointed a Governor upon its foundation due to the Austenasian government not being in contact with anybody who lives near enough to the land to administer it. On 8 January 2018, Sebastian Linden - now Queranus I as Pontifex Maximus - was appointed Governor of the territory, with plans to visit the land in or around August 2019.