Iordan Luca-Nicolae

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The Honourable
Iordan Luca-Nicolae II
Official portrait of the President

2nd President of the Republic of Istria
Elected into office
July 13, 2013
Prime Minister Petcu Adrian
Predecessor Theodor Adin

1st Senator of Bianca City in the Republic of Istria
Elected into office
March 14, 2012-January 13, 2013
President Theodor Adin
Prime Minister Andreianu Paul
Predecessor None
Successor Condeianu Andrei
Personal information
Born 3 December 2004 (2004-12-03) (age 16)
Bucharest, Romania
Citizenship Flag of Romania.png Romania
Flag of Snagov.svg Snagovian Federal Republic
Nationality  Romania
Political party Democratic Party of the Republic of Istria
Residence The Palace of the White Block, Hamburg
Alma mater The Faculty of Medicine, University of Monte Capelone
Occupation w:Politician, w:Doctor, w:Author
Religion Orthodoxy

Iordan Luca-Nicolae II (born 3 December 2004, Bucharest, Romania) is the second President of the Republic of Istria and former Senator of the Chamber of Senate of the Republic of Istria.

General Data

Luca was born in Bucharest, Romania, in 2004, in the great Iordan family, the decendants of the Royal House of Istresky Glucksburg Oldenburg.

He started his political career while in school when he discovered politics. He affiated to the Conservative Democrats and has been the 1st Senator of Bianca 3 years then in 2013 won the presidential nomination of the party. He then won the election with a majority of 72% of voters.

Iordan Luca has been a senator for 3 years representing the city of Bianca. He has done many improvements in the Region(then District) of Islaz. He brought back the Reformed Church of Istrians in the territory and helped the development of cultural, economical and infrastructural domains in the region.


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  • Iordan Luca-Nicolae II-"Neurodegenerative Deaseases & other Neurological Deaseses"(2021)

Titles, orders and honours

Titles and styles

In the Republic of Istria :

  • His Royal Highness the Prince of Garda
  • The Honourable Gentelmen
  • His Excelency


The Peace Medal

Order of the Work, Ist Grade