Invasion of Tamir

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Invasion of Tamir
Kaznian flag.png
Conflict: War against Milnian and Izkar holdouts
Date: 7 March
Place: Serovostok, Tamir, Valdisia
Outcome: Izkarian victory, KDI fall back to Command Camp
Kaznian flag.pngCheslovian Federation Izkarflag.pngIzkar Remnants,
President Urosh Dushanov
Vytautas Korok


4 (1 Cheslovian collaborator, 1 English collaborator)

4 Wounded 0

The Invasion of Tamir was a small scale attack that was organised by both sides that occured on the 7th March 2009 to try and stop the Izkar rebels, the invasion took place in Serovostok.


At 10:00am the KDI Mechanised infantry sent deployed four troops of the KDI Army into serovostok were they met the Izkar rebels, to the surprise of the Cheslovian troops, there were four rebels instead ofthe suspected two. It has been confirmed that two of the enemy were Izkar rebels, one was a Cheslovian rebel collaborator and the third was an English citizen collaborating with the Izkarians.


After the sighting of the enemy, the KDI advanced into Valdisia. The historic fort of Paanau (also known as Dudan) was completely destroyed (either naturally by weather accedental or purposely by Humans). Dispite this the KDI still used the area around Paanau as their Command Camp. The rebels were then seen entering a house inside Valdisia. They were then seen looking out of a window holding crudely made bows and arrows, the rebels enticed the KDI to attack, as a response the KDI created a fortification for their Command Camp and then loaded their Splinter Guns with non lethal ammunition (used for disorderly gatherings such as riots).

As the KDI advanced towards the building, they did so in an uncareful manner similar to how Napoleonic troops would advance. This caused the first casualty of the day, which was Urosh Dushanov himself. After the failed attack, the KDI fell back to their Camp, they then tried to storm the building to get the rebel out, this atempt failed also, but this time with no casualties. The KDI decided to wait in the bushes of Valdisa out of the sight of the rebels, after a somewhat short period of time, the rebels began to emerge from the building. A KDI soldier blocked the entrance of the building to prevent the rebels from re-entering, and then the KDI emerged and attacked the rebels. many shots were fired, however all missed, then the rebels returned fire and caused maximum damage upon the KDI, all were wounded again, and for a short time the KDI were in retreat running to the Torek Forests. However, Boris Groznayev, who was there as a regular soldier in the battle said that " we [the KDI] must attack and must keep its honour as a strong army and not as a group of hit and run cowards with Splinter guns", although the speech was not stirring it began to have effect on troops shortly after it was made. The KDI began to plan an attack that would lure the rebels into the Torek forests. The KDI then established a temporary fort called "Fort Boltserai", after its completion the KDI returned to Valdisia and a cease fire was agreed for the rest of the day. Urosh Dushanov went back to Musorov where he created a battle flag that would stir the thoughts of the KDI and make them remeber the near identicle situation of the Noke War (which occured in the same place).

The next day, the Battle of Torek Forest began.

Fort Boltserai

Fort Boltserai was a Cheslovian fort used during the invasion, the contruction of the fort along with Invasion plans were concieved long before the fort was built. The fort was situated in the Torek Forests and proved to be highly effective against the Rebels who where somewhat causious to advance beyond the wooden pailings and hidden traps.

During the battle, a flag was raised at the fort. The flag was a Cheslovian flag but had been customised by the regiment and had a German iron cross in the upper right corner of the flag, this was to remind the KDI of Cheslovia's imperial past (a time of strong military).