Interior Ministry of Essexia

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Interior Ministry
Interior Seal.png
Minister of the Interior
Earl Jack of Essexia

since 3rd March 2020
Interior Ministry of Essexia
AppointerEmperor Terry of Essexia on the advice of the Lord Jamie of Essexia

The Interior Ministry of Essexia is a government department of the Commonwealth of Essexia, and is a key department in the Cabinet of Essexia. It is in charge the general administration of the Essexian National Order, which is the Essexian equivalent of the civil service. The department is headed by the Interior Minister who is currently Earl Jack of Molrams, who is responsible for many of the internal affairs of Essexia, mostly updating of the population records, the administration of Parliament records and other archives. They also hold one of the two pardoning powers of the Commonwealth.

The Interior Minister originally held a role with responsibilities more resemblant to that of a British Home Secretary. Under the 2019 Constitution, the Interior Minister was a role that became appointed by the monarch under the advice of the First Minister of Essexia, although in theory the Emperor has no say in the matter and has never prevented a First Ministerial appointment.

List of Junior Departments

Under the Junior Ministries Act, a series of new departments under the Interior Ministry were established to help it cope with its increasing workload and to assign a Junior Minister to each of the Interiors key areas. The three junior ministries are;

  • Office of Immigration and Citizenship.
  • Office of Emergency Services.
  • Office of Security and Conduct.

The Office of Immigration and Citizenship is in charge of handling the immigration into and from Essexia, and the registration, recording, and handling of all Essexian Citizenship's. The Office of Emergency Services is in charge of handling the operation of the National Police, Fire, Ambulance, Coastguard, and Air Marshall departments, with the aim of making the Citizens of Essexias’ lives safer. The Office of Security and Conduct handles the National Security of the Nation in any appropriate circumstance, and the conduct and behaviour of the Parliament, Crown Ministries, Junior Ministries, and Civil Services. Notably, the latter department holds significant power for a junior department; after the Ministerial Code of Conduct 2019 its role became more structured and had the framework it needed to operate within the bounds of the law.

As of present, there are 4 Ministers in the Interior Ministry, including the Interior Minister himself.

Notable laws established

In terms of the amount of legislation produced by a department, the Interior Ministry has always been, and still is, the most productive ministry, producing over fifty acts that have subsequently become law in as little as two years. Some of its most notable acts include;

  • The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Essexia (produced by Lord Matthew of Essexia while he was in the Interior Ministry.)
  • Constitutional Reform Act 2019
  • Provinces Act 2019
  • Essexian National Order Act 2018
  • Electoral Law Act 2018
  • Great Reform Act 2019
  • Shenfield Autonomy Act 2020
  • Parliamentary Sessions Act 2019

List of Interior Ministers

Ministers of the Interior
Portrait Term in Office Minister Party Government Notes
Essexia Matthew.png Early 2018


22 July 2018

Lord Matthew None
  • Hawarden Ministry
Earl Finn.png 22 July 2018


2 July 2019

Earl Finn of Hawarden Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party
  • Hawarden Ministry
  • Essexian Political Commonwealth I
  • Essexian Political Commonwealth II
  • Jamie Ministry
Essexia Matthew.png 9 August 2018
1 January 2019
145 days
Lord Matthew of Essexia Royalist Party of Essexia
  • Hawarden Ministry
Essexia Jack.png 1 January 2019
29 July 2019
209 days
Earl Jack of Essexia National Conservative Party of Essexia
  • Essexian Political Commonwealth I
  • Essexian Political Commonwealth II
  • Jamie Ministry
  • Jacob Ministry
Earl Finn.png 29th July 2019


3rd March 2020

Earl Finn of Hawarden Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party of Essexia
  • Jacob Ministry
  • Rhino Ministry
  • Transferal Government
  • Interim Giraffe Government
  • Rhino Ministry II
  • Giraffe Ministry
  • Oversaw the collapse of the government several times under the series of military juntas during 2019.
Essexia Jack.png 3rd March 2020
Earl Jack of Essexia Giraffe Concordat
  • Jamie Ministry
  • First Interior Minister to become re-assume the role after another ministerial position.