Insurgency in Ocean States

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Insurgency in Ocean States
Date(January 2021 - March 2021)
Reunited Ocean States
Result Status quo ante bellum
UnitedOceanStates.jpg Reunited Ocean States Areas with low-level insurgency:
Sodaosoup45.png New Tulate
NewerNewWertiFlag.jpg New Werti
NewerSeaLaiFLag.jpg Sea Lai

The Insurgency in Ocean States was a low intensity civil conflict that occurred in Reunited Ocean States over the issue of American politics. It eventually died out after Joe Biden was put into power and Trump lost most of the influence he had over American politics.


Insurgency began after the US Capitol riots caused political divisions in the US and Ocean States. It was believed that the insurgents were armed and hostile towards the pro-trump government of Ocean States. No actual combat took place during the duration of the conflict.

Political Motivation

It was believed that the insurgency had increased due to the storming of the US Capitol. A large part of the Ocean States population was anti-Trump despite the government of Ocean States being somewhat sympathetic towards Trump.