Institute for the Zealandian Language

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Zålandienska Språketinstitutiet
Institute for the Zealandian Language.
Zealandian Language Commission Logo.png
Commission overview
Formed 2012
Headquarters Palmestad, Jovik, Zealandia
Minister for Society King Håkon

The Zålandienska Språketinstitutiet (English:Institute for the Zealandian Language, Abbreviated as ZSI) is the regulatory body of the Zealandian Language in Zealandia.
The ZSI, has the following main aims:

  • to aid and follow the development of the language
  • to answer inquiries about the Zealandian language and its use
  • to update the official Zealandian dictionary
  • to publish a guidebook and phrasebook of the Zealandian language.
  • Increase the usage of the Zealandian language locally.
  • Further develop the Zealandian language, including writing a dictionary and education material for the Zealandian language.
  • Cultural arrangements.

Current projects

The current projects of the ZSI include:

  • The Publication of guidebooks and phrasebooks
  • Translation of the Zealandian Constitution
  • Publication of an official dictionary

Chief of the Institute

The Chief of the Commission is the person responsible to the Zealandian public regarding the development of the Zealandian Language.
currently the chief is Håkon Lindström.

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