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Indokistan News Network
Jaringan Berita Indokistan

Logo INN.png
INN Logo

Country Republic of Indokistan
Owner Ministry of Information and Post of Indokistan
Founded January 2011
Headquarters Jumstraad, TVN
Key people Dicky L.K, Nabil Ihsan
Websites TVI

The Indokistan Times

Indokistan News Network (Bahasa Indonesia: Jaringan Berita Indokistan; known with the acronym of INN), is a official Indokistan public broadcaster that establish in January 2011. The network are broadcasting over the internet, that makes it available to all micronations in entire world.

Indokistan News Network are have 3 branches, KistanTV that available in YouTube, KistanNews, that available regularly in Indokistan and in Internet, also with the newest branch, Radio Indokistan International that available in Spreaker.


Indokistan News Network, formerly as KistanNews are establish as the part of rebuilding Indokistan after the communist government were overthrowned in January 2011, an idea by Nabil Ihsan about the establishment of a news service was widely accepted, but some problems are make the news network printed it's first edition in February 2011, with the front page title "Indokistan Helds Competition".

The KistanTV was first publishing video in March 2011, when the national anthem, Majulah Indokistan uploaded to the channel in YouTube, and the day when the first video published later recognized as the establishment day of KistanTV. And the news titled Domestic News was became the first radio service broadcasting in Radio Indokistan International Inter2, an English Language broadcasting in August 2011.



The Indokistan Times, formerly KistanNews, is the newspaper of Indokistan that available in A4 and Online format, also regularly printed every 2 weeks, and consists of 4 pages, and in the first edition, the newspaper are bilingual, with the Bahasa Indonesia and English Language. Currently, Indokistan Times published with only single language, English, and further project also will publish the newspaper bilingually, with Bahasa Indonesia.


Television of Indokistan or TVIK. formerly KistanTV, are the television channel of Indokistan and available online in YouTube, with the first video uploaded was the former national anthem, Majulah Indokistan in March 2011. TVIK also have some shows, such as news shows News at 21 and other government and cultural shows.

Radio Services

Radio Indokistan International (Bahasa Indonesia: Radio Indokistan Internasional; often recognize as RII), was the newest branch of Indokistan News Network, and consists of 2 channels that broadcasts bilingually, RII News and RII History. There are also one more proposed channel, RIIGov (Radio Indokistan International Government), that broadcasting anything about the government, such as debates and meetings, in Bahasa Indonesia broadcating, and the radio was cancelled due of the fear, that the radio could be useless.