Imperial Republic of Nemarkia

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This is a defunct nation. It became the Imperial Republic of Nemkhavia, which then became the Nemkhav Federation, which then became the Socialist Federal Republic of Nemkhavia.

Imperial Republic of Nemarkia
Dublin, Ireland
CapitalSouthern Province
Official language(s)English
GovernmentImperial Republic
Imperial PremierMark Meehan
EstablishedJuly 31, 2009
DisestablishedAugust 1, 2009

The Imperial Republic of Nemarkia, or simply 'Nemarkia' as it is more commonly known, is a micronation located entirely with the city of Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland. Founded on the 31st day of July 2009, it was created by Irishman Mark Meehan as an experiment in political theory. It is a fully functioning state, with territory located in the south side of Dublin City. It adopts a Constitutional Elective monarchy style government, with an elected Premier (Prime Minister) as Head of Government and an elected Emperor or Empress as Head of State. The Imperium does recognise the authority of the Republic of Ireland in it's surrounding area, and so does not make any territorial claims anywhere outside privately owned land.

The Republic is based in the promised land of the Nemarkian people, which is situated entirely within the bounds of the Republic of Ireland, more specifically within the bounds of it's capital city, Dublin. The land within the city is known to the Nemarkian people as the 'Southern Province'. The reason for this distinction is the disputed status of the Imperial Republic's colony.


As stated above, Nemarkia is an Imperial Republic. The Head of State is the Emperor or Empress, who is elected by universal suffrage. This person is then granted certain limited powers by the Imperial Senate, but essentially is a figurehead. This person is the accepted offical leader and guide of the Nemarkian people. Alongside the Emperor/Empress is the Premier (Prime Minister). This person is the elected leader of the Imperial Senate, and thus, the leader of the nation. The Premier holds executive power and is responsible for the day to day running of the nation.

The Emperor/Empress of the Imperial Republic

This person represents the highest aspirations of the Nemarkian people. The position is ceremonial rather than official, but the Senate is obliged to inform the Emperor/Empress of current affairs. The tasks which this person must carry out include the following:

  • Convening and dissolving the Imperial Senate
  • Appointing the Premier and accepting Senatorial Resignations
  • Signing Bills into law

The Premier of the Imperial Republic

The second highest office in the Republic is that of the Imperial Premier. While the Emperor/Empress holds high regard among the people of the nation, the Premier is the person whom controls the most power. He/she is the elected leader of the people, who elect him/her through their representatives in the Imperial Senate. The Premier is charged with presiding over sessions of the Senate and the general running of the country. At political meetings, the Premier is the state's representative. The current Premier of the Imperial Republic is His Excellency Mark Meehan.

The Imperial Senate

The Imperial Senate is the organ of the Republic that by far holds the most power. It is the elected assembly of the people. Most of the states executive power is vested in the Senate, which means that it truly is rule by the people. The Premier cannot make any decisions without first gaining the approval of the Senate. Every person living in the Imperial Republic is entitled to a single vote.


The Imperial Republic